Xiaguan tea factory(Berylleb on Ebay)

Recent Tasting Notes


Nice young sheng. Still has some of the astringency but less than other teas this young. My guess is since it is a tribute toucha then gong ting leaves were used to make it. Very good mouth feel, it has a camphor taste that last a while turning to a slightly bitter dryness. Has a salty almost “broth” taste to it with a little citrus in there too. Nice to be as young as it is. Hopefully in the years coming this will continue to evolve. I used 9 grams in the easy gaiwan 5 second steeps after a 10 second wash.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec

This one looks good to me. I’m starting to like those Tuo Cha shapes, the quality is quite good, in general. Apparently, it was a highly traded commodity in the early 1900s. Still going strong!


Agreed and these tribute teardrops seem to have a high grade leaf in them. I have the “Bulang” version should arrive tomorrow if the tracking is correct. After a week to re-hydrate in the pumidor I will probably get into it also.

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