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Despite the tea being stored in Kunming, it shows quite strong aged characteristics. I wonder if it spent some of its early years in more humid storage.
The aroma is clearly aged. Old wood, beetroot, smoky incense, maybe some tobacco and just a bit of a more classic doughy sweet ripe aroma.
The flavor is dark chocolaty, milky but with that basement, beetroot and smoky cigarette touch. There is an herbal bitterness, which is higher than usual for ripe, perhaps signifying the lighter fermentation mentioned by the store.
Overall, this is more challenging than your average ripe, but a great chance to try an aged lighter fermentation ripe at a good price. Lovers of Liu Bao and wet storage should also enjoy this.

Flavors: Beetroot, Dark Chocolate, Incense, Milk, Tobacco

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On my recent, 5-week trip to China, I tasted countless sheng and shou Puers. I have some good ones, some not so good and a few fantastic teas that I needed to buy.

This bing was easily my favorite tea of the whole trip. We were at the largest tea market in Kunming when we found the Six Famous Tea Mountains shop. We told the owner we worked in an american tea house(her mother has written many books about this history of the company btw) We tried 4 or 5 teas with her and this tea was the standout.

The appearance of the leaves has shifted from a vibrant green to an autumn yellow in its young 7 years.

The bing comes apart easily but with a small amount of force needed. to keep the leaves intact, I used my hands instead of a pick.

The leaves are so long that I can’t fit them in my sheng pot without rinsing the leaves and having the moisture pull them down like noodles in a shallow pot of water.

The aroma of the wet leaves is like dry hay blended with some oak bark. The undertones of fruit come through the woodiness only slightly.

The first infusion is a rush of complex flavors of apricot, raisin, a little bit of cinnamon and a finish like a barley wine.

Each new brew was quick, even after 15 brews, I was still under 30 secs. now in my 26th or so infusion, the flavors are muted and the brew time has gone up to 3 mins just to get that much flavor out.

It will be hard for me not to drink this tea, but I want to see what these flavors do in 5-10 more years. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to find more before then?!

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec
Asaf Mazar

I always appreciate reviews on quality pu erh discoveries. do you know if this tea is available online somewhere?

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Ruby red infusion. A salty, sweet taste almost like strawberries. I was getting worried because when I unwrapped the cake the edges were beginning to fall apart.

I thought at first perhaps it was a poor cake that I had gotten (although I had tasted it in Kunming). The edges of the Bing pulled apart easily at my touch, not needing a pick of any kind, but the appearance of the leaves, inside and out, was beautiful and without any obvious discoloration. The aroma was what I’d expect from a well-aged Shou puer.

The flavor is excellent. Mellow and soft compared to younger or lower-quality cakes, with a developing richness that I can’t wait to try as it continues to mature.

Infused in a Jian Shui pot.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec
Darleen McKeane

I love this tea, but I am running low. Do you have a source for it anymore?


I don’t, unfortunately, which is quite sad! It’s still my favorite Puer.

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I purchased this tea on e-bay after being unable to find more of the 2009 version of this ripe pu-erh tea. (See review of that tea). What a difference a year can make! This 2010 version did not have the depth of flavor or smoothness of the previous version. I’m not sure if additional aging will strengthen it but tasting the teas side by side reveals a depth of rich, mellow earthiness in the 2009 version that is not present in this 2010 version which seems thinner and less rich. The packaging is somewhat different, so I cannot tell if this is exactly the same tea version, but they were both sold under the name Yunnan Moon from the same tea manufacturer. I am disappointed in this tea after liking the previous version as much as I did.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

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