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A while back I ordered two cast iron tea pots from Zen Tea Life. Shipping was fast and reasonable. We love our Iwachu pots! They included a sample of this with my order.

Lately I have noticed caffeine affecting me before bed so I decided to get a tisane that would help me as well as taste good. It isimportant to get good sleep, especially during the holidays! I ordered three – count them, THREE – bags of this plus one other evening herbal that I haven’t tried yet.

I don’t know how well the herbs here will work for detox but it has to be better for me than a lot of things I could reach for in the evening. When a tea or tisane has mint in it, that is pretty much all I taste unless there are some other pretty powerful herbs in large amounts.

This tisane is earthy and minty and the resteep is quite good, so it is a good value as well. Youngest daughter likes it a lot and is drinking it with me. The big test was hubby. He had a traumatic experience with an herbal once (Sandy, remember Evening in Missoula? I liked it and wish I had more!) and I didn’t know if he would try this. He did try it, and he liked it, even liked it well enough to ask for more. He has a lot of job stress so I hope it will also help keep him healthy through the winter.

I can hardly wait to try the other tisane I ordered, Evening Lights. They also sent a sample of Fengqing Golden Buds that I am excited about! I have requested a matcha bowl from Zen for Christmas. Some of these teas may get added to the Christmas list! (Which is a matcha bowl and…that’s it.)


Wow, the list of ingredients is long! Sounds interesting.

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Ordered this on a holiday sale. Sejak is a “second picking.” The bag says the tea was purchased from Japan but grown in Korea.

Sejak tea is usually brewed a bit longer and hotter than fresh teas, but leaves look delicate, like frons, so I brewed it cooler starting with 20 second steeps, using about 7 grams in a kyusu. Yielded a light green brew due to the short steeps, with a white peony and mineral smell.

First steep of both sessions I have had with this tea have been salty, mineral taste, just the first steep. I have read about salty flavors on teas from ocean air, perhaps this is where the taste comes from. The salty flavor is on my lips after sipping, I can literally lick the salt. The salty taste dissipates with subsequent steeps. I didn’t do a rinse, by the way. I like that salty taste though and wouldn’t want it rinsed off, kind of balancing from a medicinal perspective.

After 4 steeps the peony smell was almost gone and a corn stalk, more nutty smell came from the leaves in the kyusu. The tea is less salty but still with a mineral taste. The short steep method is giving me 8 or more steeps. I got some heat going up my back, nice qi but not the umami (theanine) like I get with sencha.

This is tasty stuff, with the saltiness it would be a great follow up to a sweet dessert.

Edit: I am upping my rating slightly, I love this tea and am close to the end of the bag. Unfortunately it is still sold out, but I’ve emailed to see if they are getting more. Really got my steeping parameters down, cool water like for sencha. First two steeps are the salty steeps, the third is floral once the salt is gone, and the fourth and fifth are vegetal green. It is not often a green tea has a palette like this. With the hot, muggy summer I find myself craving those first two salty infusions.

Flavors: Corn Husk, Floral, Mineral

160 °F / 71 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Very interesting about the salt taste you experience.


Yes, very surprising! Tastes rather good, actually. I don’t know if that is a real mineral flavor but if so, cool!

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Backlog 3/18/14:
This afternoon, courtesy of Kenneth & Zen Tea Life, I brewed Puerh Loose Leaf Gongfu style: 6 oz. / 1 heaping tsp (3.3g) / 203*F / 50s, 1 & 2 min. without sweeteners, milk, or cream.

Note: This sample is from Zen Tea Life’s previous Puerh Loose Leaf, not their currently available “Puerh Loose Leaf Organic” – http://zentealife.com/tea/type/chai-puerh.html

Leaf: Thick, dark chocolate brown of various lengths up to 2.2 cm
Fragrance: Compost / barn environment
Liquor: Clear rosey copper
Aroma: Peat moss
50 sec.: Clear, clean, pleasant, light to medium-bodied and smooth without any off-putting strong flavors, astringency, or bitterness.

1-min.: Darker rose-tinted copper with the same flavor profile that provided a medium-bodied earthiness.

2-min.: Slightly lighter bodied.

3/25/14: Gongfu style: 6 oz. / 10 g / 203*F / 50s, 1 & 2 min.
Mrmopar suggested I increase the leaf to 10 grams for shou puerh. The increased leaf provided a much fuller-bodied and much more enjoyable aged puerh. However, as a novice puerh tea drinker, it didn’t occur to me at the time to decrease the brewing times accordingly. As a result, this gong fu session was a little too strong.

Impression: An enjoyable, smooth, earthy, aged pu-erh without any astringency, bitterness, or off-putting flavors.

Thanks to Kenneth & Zen Tea Life for this gracious sample.

RO water re-mineralized with an Aptera filter http://steepster.com/teas/teaware/39532-puregen-aptera-alkamag-water-filter
Brewed gongfu-style
with http://steepster.com/teas/teaware/29177-finum-brewing-basket placed in the pitcher

6 OZ / 177 ML

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