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Flavors: Butter, Jasmine, Rose, Wet Moss, Wet Wood

1 tsp

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Thank you, TeaTiff, for the sample of this and other caffeine-free options! I needed some variety in my cupboard!

This was really yummy! I could taste the creaminess and light caramel flavor, but it wasn’t overly powerful…simply smooth and delicious. It’s a nice tasty treat for late afternoons/evenings. I enjoyed it very much!

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Thank you Ost for the sale! I’ve recently been craving white teas more and more. If you think you don’t like white teas, the special ones will change your mind. This looks like a mixture of many different leaves: some fuzzies, some that look swept from an autumn forest floor. Tough to measure the amount, but I used a decent amount of leaves. The flavor is okay, maybe I steeped it not-to-perfection. The flavor is very light and has hay notes. There is more to it I can’t describe, so maybe my palate isn’t figuring this one out. A decent white tea to try out though.
Steep #1 // 30 min after boiling // 2 1/2 min steep

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drank Peppermint by Zen Tea
1520 tasting notes

I had to stock up on some of this peppermint from Zen as peppermint seems to be the only thing to help my headaches. THIS stuff can certainly help! Wow, this stuff is strong even upon opening the pouch. I tried a teaspoon of this steeped on its own but it will also come in handy for mixing with other teas. The flavor is delicious, cooling, strong, fresh. It’s certainly something different! I’ll stock up on a pouch of this one whenever I order some of my other Zen favorites (there’s a few!) This will be my go-to for headaches, but I’d choose this one over any other herbal blend any time.
Steep #1 // 6 min after boiling // 5 min steep


I love pepermint. I will have to add this to my order next time. Sounds STRONG!

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drank Coconut green by Zen Tea
27 tasting notes

I cold brewed this yummy smelling tea. Omg! Plenty of coconutty (lol) flavor! Thank you Teasipper for including it in my mystery bag.

Flavors: Coconut, Vegetal

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drank Bossa Nova by Zen Tea
1520 tasting notes

A unique blend from Zen: a roasted oolong with hazelnut flavor. I’ve never seen these flowers before, so I’m not sure what they taste like. From the blend in general, I’m tasting cream, vanilla and nuttiness. The description says hazelnut and vanilla, so the flavor is very accurate, though not a pronounced amount of flavor. This is a roasted oolong that doesn’t have too much charcoal flavor I don’t like. It reminds me more of a light houjicha. It’s light, sweet and would make the perfect dessert tea (though I can’t tell how much caffeine is in this one.) The color of the brew is a light brown just like these odd flowers. The second cup was even tastier – it seems like the flavors melded together. Another nice one from Zen!
Steep #1 // 1 1/2 tsp // few min after boiling // 3 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 3 min


I have some of this but I haven’t tried it. I never think to try it and then I read reviews and it just sounds sooooo yummy.

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drank Coconut Oolong by Zen Tea
1520 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping Traveling Teabox Round #3 – Tea # 31
I had to try this one! I thought there was only one serving left but measuring it out, there was 2 1/2 teaspoons. Baozhong oolong is certainly my favorite oolong. It’s light, buttery, floral, sweet. Here, it has additional coconut flavor. I was supposed to only use one teaspoon. The flavor wasn’t at all oversteeped anyway: no astringency. The oolong pairs so well with the coconut flavor. No actual coconut in the blend so the tea won’t be ruined faster. (Coconut: the ingredient that makes tea taste terrible faster.) But the coconut here is like a light breezy tropical flavor the pairs well with the long and wiry oolong. The coconut is actually stronger in flavor than the oolong. Both steeps were delicious. I don’t see this type of tea often, so I’d certainly stock up on this one at Zentealife.com. I recommend trying an unflavored Baozhong as well.
Steep #1 // 20 min after boiling // 2 1/2 min
Steep #2 // 20 min after boiling // 3-4 min

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Sad sip down. This tea is pretty much award-winning in two ways: for being pretty much the best flavoured rooibos I’ve ever had, and for being pretty much the best chocolate mint tea I’ve ever had. I say pretty much just to leave a little wiggle room there, of course.

I just got back from grocery shopping and was so preoccupied that I grabbed my 1 litre of light eggnog, opened the sealed tab, and nearly poured it into this tea rather than grabbing the 1 litre of light cream. Thankfully I noticed just as I was about to pour. Don’t think that would have been a good combination!


So agree with you. Thisone is really good!


It’s amazing how low their prices are considering how many awesome blends they carry, too.

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ZOMG. ZO. M. G. Why haven’t I touched this until now? I bought it way back in January and just started it a few days ago. Worried it was going to be stale even though it was sealed, I was pleasantly surprised to bust open the pouch and find myself an ultra pepperminty stream of awesomeness dancing around me.

It pretty much tastes as good as it smells too. An undeniable York peppermint patty. The best news? (Almost) no rooibos base can be detected! The peppermint is easily the strongest note, followed by the chocolate (though I wish it were a touch stronger).

With light cream, this is a dream. Note to self: must order more next time I find myself reordering from Zen.

Most excellent work, Zen!


I have some of this! At my desk even! I shall have to put it on the list for tomorrow since you’ve reminded me.



Tea Sipper

I have so many favorites from Zen…

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drank GenmaiMatcha by Zen Tea
807 tasting notes

Just drank the last of this. I love the flavor of this tea. It’s vegetal, nutty, and has a touch of sweetness.

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Sigh, updating my cupboard and realized that I don’t have this anymore but never wrote a note about it. But I do remember that I used it all for cold brews. This note = not a good help.


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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
250 tasting notes

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Off-topic, but regarding my cotton candy pink hair, I feel like I kind of got swindled. It’s not nearly as pink as what it should have been (about five inches of my roots didn’t absorb any of the pink dye at all), they did a horrible bleach job (lots of peachy chunks everywhere) and they double charged me for it. That said, I got some Joico Colour Intensity pink dye, just blended some in with conditioner, and now I’ll be hanging out like this in the apartment for a few hours. Right now my head looks Barbie pink but we’ll see how it’ll turn out!

Onto this tea. I wasn’t expecting much since CTC teas and I don’t really get along well, but seeing that this is an Assam, and Zen had a killer sale earlier this year, I thought it wouldn’t hurt. Eh. Quite astringent. You can definitely taste that underlying classic maltiness that Assams have but the liquor just seems to thick and sludgy compared to other Assams. I had to brown sugar it up and top it off with half and half to make this drinkable. Their other Assam is lightyears ahead of this one.


Hope your hair treatment worked! It sucks that they did a bad job and overcharged you. My daughter’s hair currently has blue streaks. She loves it, and she’s already planning on dying her hair purple in the next few months.


Her hair sounds awesome either way! Is she doing it at home or at the salon?


Oh, that’s too bad! I hope your treatment worked. :)


Thanks! Yeah, it looked a lot better in that picture I took than IRL. I managed to get out the random peach but now the top of my head is this much darker pink than everywhere else so I’m on my fourth treatment now trying to balance everything out haha. Oh well, it’s fun. :)


:) You could pretend you meant to do it and call it ombre!


Haha I thought of that. You don’t see reverse ombre too often anywhere, where the roots are darker though. It’s all about starting trends!

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drank Earl Grey Lavender by Zen Tea
917 tasting notes

But Zen, your EGC is so good, why should I even bother trying the others? Ok, you’re right I should. I picked up an ounce of this last time I ordered and glad I did. This is like their Earl Grey with a fresh bouquet of lavender bursting from the envelope. I enjoyed every single cup with half and half, if I remember correctly, and the floral and citrus notes were very well-balanced. The base, like the EGC, isn’t astringent either.

It is re-order worthy in theory, however, I have a feeling that I’d always be reaching for their EGC because, well, it’s their EGC. Enough said!

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I’ve been kind of on a Winners and Marshalls binge lately, desperately keeping my eye out for Fauchon hoping it’ll come back this fall. Instead, I’ve been finding some awesome deals on OPI, random conditioners, lotions, and socks. Plus I snagged a gorgeous cape the other day. They only have mediocre teas there at the moment. Lesigh.

I don’t particularly like rooibos but this was tolerable. The almond was strong in this one, very almond extra-like. It helped cover up the prominent base. Making it as a latte also helped. With half and half that is.

No repurchase for me but it was a fun one to try.


Ooo. OPI? I need to go to Winners this week.. I need all the nail polishes, apparently. :)


Yeah, as usual, it’s quite random though! I found a mini-polish set that I’ve had my eye on forever. Got the last one a few weeks ago!


Too bad you didn’t find any Fauchon, but the nail polish has totally eclipsed that for me. Haha!


Winners always has a great nail polish selection, but I’ve never found any interesting tea there. It’s always brands I’m not familiar with in flavours that are pretty run of the mill and always, always in bags. I think I’ve seen a tin of loose tea there once ever.

Which is probably okay actually, because I don’t really need to be buying tea by the giant tin anyway.


I’ve been running into the same problem with the tea section too. I missed out on the Fauchon haul last fall and it seems like since then, they’ve had nothing great. Too bad they couldn’t have a little more consistency.

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drank Chocolate Chai by Zen Tea
250 tasting notes

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drank Phoenix Pearl by Zen Tea
431 tasting notes

I believe that this is the last tea I have from Mandy.
At first all I tasted was wood. But as the cup cools I am beginning to taste baked bread along with the wood. A pretty equal amount of both, so not too bad!
Enjoying this one.
Thanks, Mandy!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Wood

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drank Genmaicha by Zen Tea
2265 tasting notes

Sipdown (140)!

Yeah, I took my teaware out of my cupboard. We’ll see how I feel about that in a few days; I may want to add them back in…

Thank you VariaTEA for the sample! You know I’m always up for trying “all the Genmaicha”! This one was more roasty than green, though it still had a faintly bitter taste to it that I’m associating with the green tea. Probably a user error in brewing it, but maybe not though.

Cameron B.

Om nom genmaicha. I had my teaware in my cupboard for a while, but then took it out because I got tired of having the number be inaccurate. :P

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This was a sample given to me for review. As posted on Zen Tea’s review section:

I brewed this one Gong Fu style, keeping the temperature at about 80C for all infusions.

The first infusion was very light and seemed to have notes of coconut accompanying the green tea flavors. The expanded leaves are really beautiful (as are the dry ones but you can see those here)! Most of the leaves are whole with a bright green color.

The second infusion had more of a bitter background flavor that I personally really like in green tea. I think it happened because I steeped it for longer, creating a stronger brew. At this point there is an aftertaste that lingers and the coconut notes are gone.

The third infusion has had the bitterness recede and give way to sweetness.

The fourth and fifth steep were really weak and only had the lightest of flavor so I probably wouldn’t do a repeat of those but 3 infusions is pretty good for a green tea.

Thanks Zen Tea!

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drank Coconut green by Zen Tea
250 tasting notes

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drank China Keemun by Zen Tea
223 tasting notes

Tea #4 from the (Mostly) Unflavored TTB

As mucky as it is out right now, I still wanted tea, so I grabbed this one out to drink. In hindsight I don’t think the smokyness was the best choice when I was already feeling nauseous due to, well, the weather. But I refuse to pour out a perfectly excellent cup of tea because I’m stubborn and stupid like that. Lol!
It was between this one and Teavive’s Keemun Grade 1, but this one smelled a bit less savory/smoky so I figured it would be lighter on the smoke.
Yeesh. This one turned out pretty smoky in the end anyway. It’s a bit sweet, but I mostly get smoke from it. Not Lapsang type smoke, but smoke nonetheless.
It’s good, but definitely not the tea that I should’ve been drinking right now. Honestly, I think I shouldn’t really have had any tea at all, but ugh, what a depressing thought that is. Lol!

(1.5 tsp)

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 45 sec 12 OZ / 354 ML

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LooseTman generously provided a sample of this in our swap – thank you!

I had the first cup of this earlier this morning, but didn’t write down any notes, but I remember thinking it was smooth, creamy and tasted golden (if that makes any sense). And to be honest, I don’t remember very much of the second steep. I also realized that I had been using too much water per the instructions provided, so decided to try again with fresh leaves a couple of hours after.

Third cup, with fresh leaves and less water produced a stronger, maltier cup, but I also detected some bitterness at the end of the sip as the cup cooled. I tried a second time with the same parameters, but still found a little bitterness, so I added a tad more water. Back to the creamy maltiness that I enjoyed this morning.

This is also a sample sipdown.

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Oh wow, this smells pretty intense!

You know, never in a million years would I have thought that I’d like this straight, but I do. There’s a malty, almost caramel note, another one that reminds me of when you cook with beer for that depth of flavor? that’s present! Which now makes me wonder about dumping a strong cup of this into my next stew!

w/ sugar – good with sugar, but a bit more sour which doesn’t make immediate sense. But I’ve realized it enhances the caramel note, making it taste like caramel that is close to being scorched.
w/ milk – mmm yum.
w/ milk and sugar – okay, prefer without sugar

Overall, this tea really surprised me in a positive way. I’d consider keeping a small amount in my cupboard as I have friends who enjoy really strong dark blacks, and have the odd cup myself from time to time.

Flavors: Astringent, Caramel, Malt

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Coconut green by Zen Tea
111 tasting notes

mm. Delicious. mm mm, delicious. mm. Delicious. mm mm, delicious. ← That is the song that I am currently singing to myself as I drink this tea. The tea is making me do it! I can’t help it…it’s just so good!

This tea is pure, simple happiness. You know what is in here? Green Tea, shredded coconut, and flavors (which I am assuming is just more coconut). That’s it. Plain and simple. But don’t let it trick you, this tea is going to take your taste buds on an amazing ride.

Steep 1: 1 heaping teaspoon, 2 minutes, 8 ounces of water, 185 degrees, and a touch of agave
the first flavor to hit you is the sencha… it’s smooth and buttery. As the sip ends you get an influx of glorious coconut. Sweet, lovely coconut. Almost like the coconut that you bake with..it’s just naturally sweet, undeniable, milky coconut without the artificially in your face over-flavored taste that many teas seem to take. There is a bit of astringency towards the end of my sip nothing too off putting.

Steep 2: same leaves, 2 minutes, 6 ounces, 175 degrees, a touch of agave
WOW! Even better than the first steep. No astricency whatsoever. Just perfectly silky, creamy, buttery sencha and coconut. The two flavors perfectly balance each other out. One is not too dominate over the other, solely working together to create a beautiful medley.

Steep 3: same leaves, 2 minutes, 6 ounces, 175 degrees, a touch of agave
Yum. Dear cup, please don’t end. You are making my taste buds dance like a joyous greek family dancing at a wedding.

Steep 4: same leaves, 2 minutes, 6 ounces, 175 degrees, a touch of agave
This tea just keeps going and going with the same amazing flavors. Ahhh. Soo good. Commence the singing that started this post.

So it’s no secret, I really like this tea. It’s buttery and coconuty and makes me happy. What more could I want?

Flavors: Butter, Coconut


This is my favourite coconut green.


You are inspiring me to want to do multiple steeps of the same leaves for more teas. I usually only do that with higher end straight teas, but your tasting notes make me reconsider that limitation.


Perkiest tasting note I’ve read all day. Thanks for the smile!


Love this review.


yzz I can see why! It is definitely the best one that I have ever had!
Anlina I would recommend it! :] Often, the flavor profiles of the tea can shift dramatically..and plus, more lovely cups for free! And if it ends up not resteeping well, you aren’t out anything!:]
gmathis and TheTeaFairy Thank you so much, you two! :D

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