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Having a passion for tea and living in rural America is a tough combination. ...

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My favorite teas are unflavored Chinese blacks, especially Yunnans & Fujians and I’m also partial to strong Irish Breakfast blends. I enjoy other blacks, greens and oolongs as well. I am giving pu-erh a shot, but am not overwhelmed at the moment. Occasionally I also enjoy a nice flavored tea, but prefer a few complementary flavors rather than chocolate covered strawberry marshmallow tiramisu oolong. I never sweeten my teas and only add milk in chai blends.

Likes: Anything roasty, toasty, smoky, or malty. As well as citrus and cream flavors.

Dislikes: Anise/licorice/fennel, stevia, & coconut.

Allergies: Peanuts & Tree nuts

I’ve decided to use a simplified rating system in order to keep things consistent.

100- The best tea I have ever tasted. Can’t live without it.

95- Wonderful teas that I drink almost daily, and will always have on hand. Probably the first teas I will recommend and serve to guests.

90- Teas I greatly enjoy and will restock often, though I may not always have them on hand.

80 – Good teas that I may purchase occasionally, or drink when I’m in the mood. Perhaps seasonal teas.

70- Enjoyable teas. I wouldn’t turn down a cup but may have to be in the mood to consider. Probably not a consistent in my cupboard.

60- I finished my cup/sample but wouldn’t purchase, and would turn down a cup if there were any other options.

50- Didn’t finish the cup. Would not drink again if offered a cup.

1- Nothing could make me try this tea again. And it has probably reduced my opinion of the entire company.



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