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Backlog from a few nights ago.

Many thanks to LiberTEAS for hosting a giveaway of this tea on her blog! I was one of the winners, and I was astonished by the size of the prize pack I got from Klio. Two bags of tea plus a beautiful Bodum mug.

Now, I may love tea, but even 150g of tea in one go (especially one so fluffy) is a lot for me. And I have a lot of travel mugs. So I’m keeping one bag of this tea for myself and giving the other bag plus the mug to my sister as a birthday present. Her birthday is one month from today, so it’s perfect timing!

As for the tea itself? I’ve had Mountain Tea before – it’s a common drink in Macedonia, where my parents are from, as well as Greece. However, the mountain tea we have in the house is several years old and somewhat stale. In comparison, this is fresh, fresh fresh!

When you open the bag, it smells beautiful. There’s a green sharpness underneath that reminds me of fresh cut grass, but there’s also the brightness of lemon and the earthiness of chamomile. I’m not a big chamomile fan, but I don’t mind the hint here.

When I brewed this a few nights ago I oversteeped it, but it wasn’t that bitter. I will definitely be holding onto this.

Flavors: Grass, Lemon, Sage

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec

Mmmm Sounds yummy.


Apparently this company will also be releasing mountain-grown lemon verbena tea. I can’t wait to try that.


I enjoyed this too! I didn’t think I would when I opened the pouch and saw what looked like bits of sagebrush from my backyard when I was young and living out in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. But I was very pleased with the flavor.

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I know this is heresy, but I’m finding that while Teavivre’s black teas are or high quality, they’re just not ringing my bell. It turns out I’m not a huge fan of the sweet potato note found in teas like this – and while this one does smell and taste somewhat chocolaty, I really want something a bit smoky (but not LS smoky). Hmm….

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Backlog from whenever.

Ahh, this tea is turning out to be more finicky than I expected. First I underleafed it so it was weak. Then I overleafed it and made it too astringent. How will I steep this just so I can get that eucalyptus note I liked so much? Bumping the rating down into the mid 70s.

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I’ve had this a few times, but it just does’t have the same warm comfort I remember from Simple Loose Leaf’s Kenilworth tea. Glad I only have 50g of this – I bought 100g and gave my aunt half of it in a special tin for Xmas.

However, it is a good no-fuss tea for the mornings when you’re not sure what you want.

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
593 tasting notes

Backlog from whenever.

Thanks very much to VariaTEA for sending me a sample of this in our swap! Oh my god, it’s so vanilla-y. I had this with a bit of agave and that was nice. I also noticed that the sprinkles dissolved into the drink even with the use of the paper filter, and gave the tea a bit of sparkle. Interesting!

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Backlog from whenever:

I’ve found I like this more than I like the Kenilworth Ceylon. I’ll finish the Kenilworth, obviously, but I’m seriously considering getting more of this from Capital Teas at the Toronto Tea Festival.

Cameron B.

I definitely recommend the Golden Garden Estate OP! :)

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This one is tasting quite green and grassy this evening. Hm.

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Backlog from this morning.

Nothing too special. I oversteeped it a bit, but it wasn’t astringent, so that’s a bonus. Just a good all-round Ceylon.

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drank Cinnamon Diletto by Della Terra
593 tasting notes

Backlog from last night.

I’m not sure what happened, but this tea was quite fruity last night. It was a great complement to the cinnamon flavour, of course – I’m just (pleasantly!) surprised by how not-woody it tasted.

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drank Golden Yunnan by RiverTea
593 tasting notes

My oh my.

This tea was everything it needed to be – smoky, rich, soothing. I really hope I can find a similarly smoky Yunnan black to replace this once it runs out. Another cry of sadness for RiverTea going out of business. Bumping the rating up accordingly.

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I’m a writer and editor who, after years of bagged-tea purgatory, has finally seen the light and glory of loose-leaf teas. I’m still just starting my journey, as it’s been only in the last 2 years that I’ve started drinking loose-leaf tea, and only in the past few months that I’ve been trying different varieties in earnest.

Likes: Green tea, sobacha, fruit flavours, masala chais, jasmine, mint, citrus, ginger.

Dislikes (or at least generally disinclined towards): Hibiscus, rosehip, chamomile, licorice, lavender.

Things I’m on the fence about: Oolong, vanilla (I prefer it mixed with black teas or rooibos rather than green tea), white teas.

Still need to do my research on: unflavoured black teas, pu’er teas.

For those interested, here’s my scoring system, though I don’t score teas as often as I used to:

100-85: A winner!
84-70: Pretty good. This is a nice, everyday kind of tea.
69-60: Decent, but not up to snuff.
59-50: Not great. Better treated as an experiment.
49-0: I didn’t like this, and I’m going to avoid it in the future. Blech.


Toronto, ON, Canada



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