Ok, I’m re-rating this and moving it downwards. It is far too easy to oversteep this tea and get a bitter, cloying mess.

I had a huge tin of this that I whittled down over the weekend while visiting my in-laws. I don’t know what it is about this blend (which I mixed myself from the peppermint and spearmint that I had in my cupboard), but this blend just doesn’t work. It smells nice, but the taste is really chemically and not that minty at all.

Anyways, I drank enough of this over the weekend that it’s now approaching sipdown status. When I empty the tin, my remaining spearmint (which I like a lot more) will go in, and my cupboard will be a place of happiness and light.

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I’m a writer and editor who, after years of bagged-tea purgatory, has finally seen the light and glory of loose-leaf teas. I’m still just starting my journey, as it’s been only in the last 2 years that I’ve started drinking loose-leaf tea, and only in the past few months that I’ve been trying different varieties in earnest.

Likes: Green tea, sobacha, fruit flavours, masala chais, jasmine, mint, citrus, ginger.

Dislikes (or at least generally disinclined towards): Hibiscus, rosehip, chamomile, licorice, lavender.

Things I’m on the fence about: Oolong, vanilla (I prefer it mixed with black teas or rooibos rather than green tea), white teas.

Still need to do my research on: unflavoured black teas, pu’er teas.

For those interested, here’s my scoring system, though I don’t score teas as often as I used to:

100-85: A winner!
84-70: Pretty good. This is a nice, everyday kind of tea.
69-60: Decent, but not up to snuff.
59-50: Not great. Better treated as an experiment.
49-0: I didn’t like this, and I’m going to avoid it in the future. Blech.


Toronto, ON, Canada



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