60 Tasting Notes

drank Obukucha by Steepster
60 tasting notes

I received this tea in a complimentary Steepster Select box.

I haven’t had too many Sencha teas. This one is very smooth. The first infusion was nice, not bitter, a nice vegetal flavor. The second infusion was surprisingly bitter. I shortened the next infusions and it was better , but not as good as the first.

I would love to try this cold brewed but I don’t have enough tea left and I didn’t love it enough to make a purchase.

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drank Mango Madness by DAVIDsTEA
60 tasting notes

I’m not sure if I underleafed this one or if it’s just not for me. I’m just putting this here to log it but might try again with more leaf if I ever get more

Tea junkie

You should really try Mango Splash from Kaleisia Tea whenever you can. Great, great tea. Especially Iced. Mandy can vouch for that same tea. She’s had it herself. You can really get the flavors from this particular tea even without any kind of sweetener.


Thanks! I’m a huge mango lover. I’ve never heard of Kaleisia – I’ll have to google them! I love doing iced especially if I can avoid sweetener. In the summer I try to cold brew all the ones I didn’t like iced or ones I have too much of.

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drank Strawberry Shortcake by DAVIDsTEA
60 tasting notes

I was surprised by the nuttiness of this tea. I get strawberry in the aftertaste but just don’t think this one is for me. I even added a bit extra leaf as my sample was down to just bits.

Maybe my palate is just refining itself more towards unflavored teas….just don’t know.

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drank Vanilla Jasmine by Golden Moon Tea
60 tasting notes

Was very productive today…cleaned out two of my tea shelves. I mainly wanted to pull out teas that need to be cleared out. I found about 4oz of Yumberry Wulong separated it different spots. That is a clear sign I have too much tea.

So I figured I really need to sip down teas that are in baggies from swaps. This could have been in my cupboard for a year! I really have no idea when I got it.

Upon opening I really did not smell much in the way of jasmine or vanilla! In fact I really couldn’t smell even the tea base so had to come on here and look it up. Once brewed though I could clearly smell the jasmine and vanilla!

Being this sample is old I really don’t taste too much jasmine. In fact, I really dislike vanilla teas because tea companies don’t seem to pair them with the right black base. This is perfect in both regards. I’m definitely going to get some of this some day…fresher of course – lol.


I haven’t had this in ages but I remember liking it.

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I loaded up on theses pearls during David’s last sale. I use about 5 pearls per 16oz as I love strong jasmine. It’s nice to have a black base, I usually have green with jasmine. I’m having a sipdown on this small bag because the seal broke and I don’t want to put them in a tin. I’ve been brewing western style, too busy for gonfu, and can get about 2 steeps from them and still have the jasmine. I could probably brew 1-2 more times to enjoy the black base.

These pearls have a nice smooth jasmine, not perfumey. The black base is very tasty and has never gone bitter on me. I found brewing at 208 degrees tasted better than 195…for 3 minutes.


Still need to try these beauties.

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Made a cuppa this one this morning. I do get a tiny touch of orange and smoke, but the oolong base just seems very blah to me. I’m not sure if sugar would help liven it up or not, but I’m not going to bother trying.


I’ve noticed a huge range from hit to miss with TeaGschwendner teas, which I am just starting to try since this past weekend.. the flavors are really muted on a few of them, but then you brew a cup of marzipan and caramel blend and wowza!

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I received this in a swap long ago but had forgotten about it! It had a nice smooth jasmine flavor without the tea base overpowering it. I prefer my jasmine a bit stronger so I won’t purchase it personally but would definitely give as a gift if trying to introduce someone to jasmine.

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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drank Organic Jasmine by White Lion
60 tasting notes

Couldn’t wait to try this “new to me” jasmine tea. The fresh leaf smells vegetal but I do not get any jasmine from them. There are beautiful flowers mixed in with the tea.

I steeped this for 3min at 175. I did not get any bitterness from this steeping. This tea has a nice smooth vegetal flavor. However, Iam not happy that I get NO jasmine from this tea! I’m not sure why there is no jasmine. Maybe they sent me an old batch?

Good as a green tea but a waste of my money being there is no jasmine flavor, the main flavor in the title!

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drank The Skinny (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
60 tasting notes

Got this in a swap but can’t remember from who! I’m sure it was a northern Canada friend.

I’m a ginger lover in food so this tea was perfect for me. I’ve had it awhile so it tasted a bit “light” probably just from age. I only have one more cup to make but I’d love to order some and mix it with other teas!

I found the ginger smooth and not too overpowering/hot. I didn’t get as much of the tea base shining through but that’s not what I was looking for it to do..so yay!

Thanks swappie!


Heyyy if you like a bit of ginger in your tea we’ll have to do a swap & I’ll send you some THÉ DES SIGNESCHEVAL I just got from MF.. Will post a tasting note for that in the next few days, one of the first ginger teas I’ve enjoyed..


Great! Thanks! I haven’t tried that one yet or even heard of it!

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Thanks ifjuly for this sample in our Fall Exchange! I was quite surprised by this tea. Upon opening it smelled very sweet and like dessert. Turns out to be a bit smoother than expected and does not need sweetener. It smells way sweeter dry than brewed, so don’t be scared. I didn’t expect the coconut to shine thru but it did! Not too much thou, just right. I’m tempted to try the Golden Moon that ifjuly mentions too.

If I was ordering from American I’d add some on this in.


Aw, I’m really glad you like it! (:


oh, and i’m sure i’ve said this a zillion times, but the golden moon is good too if you like coconut, but different—it has a cleaner, brighter/fresher coconut flavor, less creamy.

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