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4 Tasting Notes


I’m not a huge fan of coconut, but decided to put this tea on my first Bluebird Tea Co. order as it has attracted lots of great reviews. I also wanted to see if a tea actually could taste like a cake!

However, having tried the tea I think it’s the wrong approach for judging a flavour of a tea. I don’t really expect to feel like I’m drinking a sponge cake but expect some of those flavours to come through as inspiration – I still want to feel like I’m drinking a cup of tea after all!

The smell of this tea was just as enticing as the other bluebird teas I have tried – very raspberry (unsurprisingly) and made me excited to pop my leaves in the breville tea kettle and get them brewing:

Method – Breville Tea Kettle
Water – 750ml
Tea – 2.5 tsp
Time – 4 mins
Milk – YES!

I felt the colour of the tea was a bit weaker than I expected – but it’s not all about looks. I also chose to add milk despite the package recommendation not to (I’ll add milk to all black teas).

On the first few sips the raspberry certainly comes through predominantly – and it is a great, natural taste. Not at all artificial – and quite jammy. As the cup progressed the coconut started coming through as the initial taste, before the raspberry kicked in. I was pleased at the sweet / tart balance – it wasn’t sickly at all.

To me it’s a raspberry tea with a nice hint of coconut to make it that little bit different, and quite delicious.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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I’m not usually a big drinker of Rooibos but have been looking for more bedtime teas as all that has been in my cupboard recently is chamomile based teas (I love chamomile, but a boy needs a bit of variety!)

I was also intrigued to try out some teas from new British company Bluebird Tea Co and, having gotten home late – the Rooibos was the only bedtime offer in my selection – so Honey Bee Beautiful got chosen.

The smell of this tea was very fragrant and the honey smell instantly hits – at first making me worry this tea was going to be too sweet for me. I did not let this stop me from making the first cup!

Brew Method – Breville Tea Kettle
Temp – 100C
Water – 750ml
Tea – 2.5 tsp
Time – 4 mins

The colour of the tea is a beautiful red Rooibos and when bringing the cup to the mouth again it is the honey that comes through. However, when tasting the tea the Rooibos isn’t lost – so it’s a beautifully balanced Rooibos hit before the honey kicks in. I found it to be more of a Manuka honey taste and much less sweet than I expected from the smell. The minor herbal notes of nettle and chamomile come through subtley – but they do come through after the honey has passed. The lingering taste was certainly of a sweet honey.

I enjoyed it immensely – partly as it’s like nothing else in my tea collection, but also because I seemed to hit on the exact steep settings first go!

I might have turned up my nose at Rooibos before, but I will be giving some more a shot after this!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Melbourne Breakfast by T2
4 tasting notes

On a recent trip to Australia (from the UK) I stumbled upon this chain of tea shops and immeditely believed I had found heaven. I ended up buying 12 of the regular sized boxes of tea to bring back with me, and of them all, it’s Melbourne Breakfast that has worked it’s way to the top of that list as my go to brew in the morning.

I use the large infuser cups, so my brewing advice is always based on that.

This tea has a real depth of flavour, and while the most obvious note is that of vanilla – like other reviewers have said – it doesn’t overpower, and to me tastes more like a very mild chocolate, especially towards the end of the cup where it sometimes even tastes a bit like a hot chocolate to me.

Despite that, for most of the cup it is very much a tea – and although there is a slight smokiness, it doesn’t come out too strong against the sweet vanilla.

for my infuser I use a tablespoon of leaf, and infuse for the instructed three minutes. Being a Brit, who adds milk to every black tea, getting a deep flavour and colour is essential. Using less than a tablespoon gave a weak and grey murk.

As an introduction to flavoured tea I would say Melbourne breakfast is perfect for those who don’t find vanilla flavoured products distasteful.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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