It’s grey outside and I’m wearing a knitted hat from a friend, and I have jeans on and a sweater….and somehow it’s supposed to get back up to 90 soon, but I’m really liking the cooler weather. Cooler weather is tea weather for me, so bring it on! :)
Dipping into my magical bag of tea swap wonders from Plunkybug, I decided to have this one, wanting something spicier and flavoured (Plunkybug, your teas have ignited a yearning for flavoured teas, and it’s so fun, because I thought I had totally fallen out of that! yay!)….
This is really, really lovely. A lot of the Christmas teas that I’ve tried have all been pretty similar, but I’ve loved them all, and this is no different…
Everything plays so well together in my mug without being too overpoweringly orange peel, or cinnamon stick…. just a really great cup. :D
Finished up my dishes and have a little bit of time to spare, so I’m thinking I’ll bring this mug over to the couch with me and play a bit of Final Fantasy 6 on my vita (is there anything better than Final Fantasy on a handheld??).


I got this one from OMGsrsly. It was nice, but I felt I should share, it too.

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I got this one from OMGsrsly. It was nice, but I felt I should share, it too.

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Oh, tea….
you’ve taken over my life, but I’m ok with that.

I’m pretty new to the tea scene, only drinking tea bags most of my life, but my friend ifjuly really got me into it (that sounds bad…). Butiki, Harney, and Verdant seem to be my ‘go to’ places to order from, but I LOVE trying new teas and companies. The variety is partly why I love tea so much…you can’t possibly get sick of it.
Well, that, and the transporting aroma of each cup…. I love that. It’s why I love wine, and tea does it just was well.

Really want to learn about different tea vendors out there, and about tea in general… it’s all so interesting to me.
I’m really excited to be part of this community and learn from all of you.

I don’t usually sweeten or add milk to my teas, so my notes are based on that….also, the rating system kind of throws me—I’ve always been horrible with giving number ratings to things, so don’t take those as set in stone (Honestly, I usually don’t even use the numbers…).

Everything in my cupboard has at least one serving left in it…I try to keep it updated. :) (I actually just added all my sample sizes to my cupboard, so MOST of the tea in my cupboard is of that ‘sample’ size…)

random info: music and art are pretty important in my life… i also thoroughly enjoy nerdy things like video games, anime, knitting, Doctor Who (the 10th is my favourite…), A Song of Ice and Fire, and random cartoons and such…. and i love, love, love to read. :)

I’m married to my best friend (I’ve known him since I was 15….we were totally going to be in a band together. It was going to be HUGE…), and we’ve got three kiddos. They’re pretty neat, too, even if they try to put sugar in my Verdant tea when they drink it….


Rochester, NY

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