55 Tasting Notes

Out of my MissB box of insanely awesome tea, I chose this for my mid-afternoon cup (THANK YOU, MissB!!!). I didn’t make a true chai with it, but instead just added milk and sugar…and holy moley was it delicious.
I’m sure you could fancy it up, steaming your milk and all that (and maybe I’ll do that next time, since ifjuly taught me that neato frothed milk in a jar trick…), but this was so good.
I found that I had downed my first cup before I knew it, unable to hold back from the deliciousness. I guess I was in a chocolate chai mood…. So, I resteeped, and got to do it all over again. :)
Speaking of chocolate—the chocolate is really nice in this. I love how it’s balanced with the spice…nothing fighting, or arguing for center stage..everything just getting along swimmingly in your tea cup, to the delight of my taste buds.
Thank you so much for sending this my way, MissB!


I haven’t got this one on my list for when I order from them. Sounds like it should be!


It was really yummy. Admittedly, I’m not an expert on chais, but I loved the balance of this…the spices were strong enough without being too overpowering, and the added chocolate note was really nice. I’m going to have to add this to my ‘to buy’ list. :)

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I drank this tea while waiting for the plumber to arrive this morning…
feeling anxious that it wouldn’t be a simple fix.
This tea (from my swap with TeaTiff-THANK YOU!!), immediately stopped my mind from swirling with worry…
How can you worry when you’re sipping something like this?!
Malty, with chocolate notes…and so, so smooth.
I love teas with this sort of mouth feel and deep aroma.

The fix was a simple one. The plumber was in and out in no time…and after he left, I looked at my tea cup and said, “You knew, didn’t you? You were trying to tell me to calm down.” Tea is so smart.


This tea is truly something. TeaTiff got me hooked on it too


It’s so lovely! I reached into my tea drawer and just sort of picked it out, and I’m so very happy I chose it this morning, and felt so fortunate that TeaTiff sent me some! Yummy!


Yay! I am glad you guys like this one. It is one of my favorite morning cups.


ugh i am the same way when the plumber comes! i’m glad it wasn’t too bad, and also selfishly relieved i’m not the only one who freaks a bit at that.

Hugo Tea Company

@DeliriumsFrogs I hope that you are implying that Full-Steam will solve all of your problems. Because I would agree. :-)

I am sincerely happy that you enjoy it.


Hugo Tea Company


Tyler, that is most definitely what I was implying. :)
(I had it this morning, and it was just as good as I remembered….What an amazing tea!)

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It was so hard to pick which tea to try first out of the insane box from MissB that I found on my doorstep today (This box is tea heaven, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world….), but I decided to go for this one. I’ve been wanting to try a caramel pu-erh, since I always read such great reviews for them on here, and I’m so excited that I finally got to…
This tea was absolutely delicious…
Buttery and rich upon sipping, but ending with this light, clean finish… so interesting!
As it cooled slightly in my cup, the tea became so creamy and decadent.
The caramel is right there, bordering on butterscotch to me, with the richer, more brown sugar notes…. mmmmm!
Off to resteep for a third time :)
(Thanks again, MissB !!)


Woohoo! This is my favorite puerh right now, and has been for a bit. I’d love to hear how your third re-steep goes!

Roswell Strange

Also loving this!


Boxes/pkgs from MissB are always wonderful!


Oh, the third resteep was delightful! We had some unexpected plumbing issues pop up, so I didn’t get around to my third cup until later that night (10pm, actually)… The caramel became the finish, with the earthy pu erh in the front (I’m still a complete pu erh newb, so I’m not good at describing it)… I loved it! Also, it was great to know that I could have a cup of this that late and sleep fine. :)

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I received a sample of this tea from TeaTiff. Thank you so much!!
The smell of this in my mug is so great…really round and nutty. I’m really loving the coconut and raisins in there mingling with the brazil nuts.
Such a comfy, yummy mug of tea. :)
I’m going to take this outside and try to find a spot of sunshine to sit in.

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Another tea from the lovely ifjuly (she really is so lovely….) – I made a big mug of this last night while watching the 4th episode of “The Returned” (that cast is brilliant, by the way…)…
After reading on Butiki’s website that the addition of sugar is recommended, and the fact that I was looking for something a little sweeter, I decided to toss in a bit of raw sugar.
Oh, rooibos, you did this on purpose, right? You knew I wasn’t in love with you, and then you had to go and dance around with some mangos, completely changing my view.
I loved this. Absolutely loved it. Would most definitely order this. :)


i liked it iced.


What channel is that on, or is it online?


Oh, boychik, I’m going to have to try that! I bet it’s fantastic!
Marzipan, I think it might be on the Sundance channel, but we’ve been watching it on Netflix. It’s intense at times, but the cast is amazing… It’s one of the best things I’ve seen on tv in awhile.


i really liked the returned too!

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It’s humid and warm, and I’m not quite ready for that (actually, I’m never ready for that, but…..). This weather has pushed me towards flavoured oolongs the past few days, though, and that’s made my tea cup quite happy.
This morning, I decided to try the Tigre Blanc from Nina’s Paris that Laurent so kindly sent. THANK YOU, Laurent!
My daughter Lily enjoys reading manga out loud to me, so while she was reading Yotsuba (I love Yotsuba….), I sipped this lovely tea…. The flavour reminds me of peach hard candy, like the Jolly Rancher’s I’d pick out of the multiflavour packs as a kid, often not leaving any for the next person. The brightness of the tangerine note is really nice, with no bitterness or strange flavours.
I really liked this oolong, with its forward peach notes.


This weather has been pushing me towards flavoured oolongs as well! (although it’s been kind of rainy all week, but I mean the shift from winter to springish)


How peachy would you say this is? I got a sample of this as well (not one I requested) and I’m trying to decide if I should go ahead and try it anyway, or if I should just pass it along to someone else.


It’s pretty peachy, but not peachy like the momo oolong from lupicia…. This is more of a candy peach, if that makes sense. I wouldn’t say it tastes artificial, but it definitely reminds me more of ‘peach flavoured things’ than straight out peaches. The peachyness of it is right in the front—really nice aroma.
I really liked it, but if I had to pick between this or the lupicia, I’d choose the lupicia.


Sounds like it would be better for me to share it with someone else. I’m not a peachy kind of person, generally.

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drank Melon Oolong by Lupicia
55 tasting notes

It’s sunny and very spring like outside, so a fruity, lighter tea seemed perfect… and OH, it was!
The leaf smells of melon candy; so sweet and knock your socks off melon.
I’m used to teas really grabbing you with their leaf, but once that hot water hits them, all that crazy scent gets thrown back behind the tea base…
Not the case here.
Once brewed, the fragrance is still just as strong as the leaf….oh, sweet melon goodness! More cantaloupe than honeydew, in my opinion.

Tasting, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Full on melon with such a complimentary base…. Lupicia, you are insane!
I don’t add sugar to my tea, but I’m almost tempted with this, thinking it would be insanely good…but, it’s so tasty right now, I don’t want to mess with it. :)
I’ve steeped 3 times, and it’s still just as delicious as the first cup.

This was in my box from ifjuly, another tea from her that I feel incredibly lucky to get to try! She spoiled me rotten with this box, I tell you! :)

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drank Muscat Oolong by Lupicia
55 tasting notes

I open up the pouch and am instantly transported to a farmer’s market with little paper baskets of deep purple, almost black, concord grapes, all lined up, scenting the air with their fragrance. Whenever I see them, I have to buy a little basket. I have yet to make a grape pie, or jam, or any other kitchen masterpiece like that; these are purely for the messy enjoyment of squirting the insides into one’s mouth and sucking on the skins (while spitting the seeds out in a hopefully not TOO ungraceful manner…). The tart bite gets you first, but then it’s all floral sweetness from there.

This tea is that.

Because that scent is in my ‘Top List of Transportive Aromas’, this tea is already a favourite, and I haven’t even tasted it yet!
The fact that it’s from one of my absolute favourite people in the world only heightens my emotional attachment to this leaf. Ifjuly sent this my way, in a box full of tea awesomeness…. She’s left me speechless for days (I think my husband is starting to get weirded out by my repeated gazing and ruffling through the contents of her package…lol).
Tea friends :)

Onto the actual tea… the honey coloured liquor is gorgeous, visually adding to the already intoxicating experience of smelling this tea.
Oooh. This is good!
The grape is SO naturally grape! What I was smelling before comes through beautifully in the taste; it’s elegant, with light floral notes and earthy grape. I can almost feel the texture of the skins in my mouth as I sip…. it’s unreal.
This is fantastic…..and I’m drinking it in my Japanese cherry blossom lustreware tea cup, which is perfect today. :)

What a tea!


Wow, you just singlehandedly sold me on this


Sounds so delisious. She is awesome ifjuly.


She is Soooo awesome, that ifjuly. :)

whatshesaid, I really loved it…and as it cools down, it tastes really good as well. Clearly, I’m a bit obsessed with that type of grape, so this review is somewhat skewed. haha


I’ve never heard of grape pie. And natural grape tea… Intriguing :)


I’m in Upstate New York, where grape pie is a big thing once the concord grapes come in…they sell them at all the farmers markets around here.
It seems to be a ‘love it or hate it’ type of pie, with a very sweet, jam like filling. As you can probably guess, I am most definitely in the LOVE IT category…. The grape is so different from ‘eating grapes’; the scent coming off the fruit is killer…and this tea captured that for me perfectly. It made my afternoon. :)


If I’m ever up there during the grape season I will have to look for them. :) I love red grape juice, although I’m not sure about the texture of a grape pie.


OMG. I just ordered the black version of this from Lupicia and I can’t wait to try it. I nearly got the oolong, but I’m hoping the black will be just as tasty…


I didn’t KNOW there was a black! ooooh… I bet it’s delicious!

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drank Ruby Pie by Butiki Teas
55 tasting notes

I’m having one of those days… You know, where you think your tea cup is a gaiwan, so you dump your tea into your wet cup, only to realize you have to quickly scoop it out into your infuser basket with your clumsy fingers…all while working as quickly as possible, so as to not affect the outcome of the brewed tea….

Well, I was also distracted by a man in the school field behind my house as my kettle was coming to a boil… He had been hanging out there, playing with his dog for quite awhile…which is all good. But then when it came time to leave, his goal was to get his four legged friend into the backpack carry-on so that he could ride his bike home….and doggy was not looking pleased about this arrangement. It was hilarious, and vexing in a way (because, I’m sorry, that’s just humiliating to that poor dog….)…. So, perhaps that’s why I was distracted…

But, I wasn’t going to let anything distract me from this tea once it was ready.
Oh my…. I love this one.
Thanks so much, Marzipan, for sending it my way!!!
I get the steamy jam that’s bubbled up around the edges of the crust (I always go for that gooey looking piece…), I get the buttery pastry dusted with sanding sugar, I get the cooked strawberries and rhubarb….. I get the WHOLE PIE.
I just want to gobble it up and then ask for seconds (and eat it with my hands, like keychange said was perfectly acceptable)….
This is getting added to my “buy this as soon as you can afford it, and keep it on hand forever after” list….

Sorry dog in backpack… I no longer care about you…I have pie in a teacup.

Tea Sipper

Had this one yesterday, and your description is perfect! But that poor dog!


I know! I wanted to run out into the field and rescue him from that crazy backpack set up!…. but then I had my tea…. Lol

Butiki Teas

Poor dog but that does sound amusing to watch. :)


Mmm now I want a cup of this tea! And yes, eating pie with your hands is amazing.


Drinking it now myself and wanting pie.


Ha ha! love this! Ruby Pie is seriously yums, though.

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I was going through my tea drawer, and there was a sample of this from an Adagio order awhile ago. Being in the mood for something fruity and light, I figured I’d try it.
I can’t finish my cup.
While the orange came forward as my cup cooled, the musty thing going on is distracting enough where I can’t appreciate it.
As I kept sipping, I thought, Hmmm, perhaps this would be good iced….and maybe it would be. But since this is just one sachet, I’m not going to try it any other way.
Maybe my water was too hot (it said ‘simmering water’, so I did 180°F), or maybe it was steeped too long (It said 7 minutes, and since that seemed way too long to me, I did 6), but this was way too tannic and harsh.
I’m dumping the rest of my cup.

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Oh, tea….
you’ve taken over my life, but I’m ok with that.

I’m pretty new to the tea scene, only drinking tea bags most of my life, but my friend ifjuly really got me into it (that sounds bad…). Butiki, Harney, and Verdant seem to be my ‘go to’ places to order from, but I LOVE trying new teas and companies. The variety is partly why I love tea so much…you can’t possibly get sick of it.
Well, that, and the transporting aroma of each cup…. I love that. It’s why I love wine, and tea does it just was well.

Really want to learn about different tea vendors out there, and about tea in general… it’s all so interesting to me.
I’m really excited to be part of this community and learn from all of you.

I don’t usually sweeten or add milk to my teas, so my notes are based on that….also, the rating system kind of throws me—I’ve always been horrible with giving number ratings to things, so don’t take those as set in stone.

random info: music and art are pretty important in my life… i also thoroughly enjoy nerdy things like video games, anime, Doctor Who (the 10th is my favourite…), A Song of Ice and Fire, and random cartoons and such…. and i love, love, love to read. :)

I’m married to my best friend (I’ve known him since I was 15….we were totally going to be in a band together. It was going to be HUGE…), and we’ve got three kiddos. They’re pretty neat, too, even if they try to put sugar in my Verdant tea when they drink it….


Rochester, NY

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