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Mmm, now this one is delicious. I haven’t had this tea in a long time and at first I thought my love for it may have waned, but not the case. Still a tasty, citrusy tea, lightly flavored, on a nice malty base. This one takes me back to when I was in Ulaanbaatar since that was the first time I drank this tea, and I drank a lot of it. I may be able to transition this tea to a smaller tin soon (and use it’s tin for one of the new 100g of tea that will be coming in with my next order), so I may be drinking more of this one!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Amande Amaretti by Dammann Freres
2185 tasting notes

Steepster seems to be up for the moment, so here are some quick notes.

I brought this one home to cold brew and try to use up since it isn’t one of my favorites from Dammann. I had it this morning as a pre-work tea, and I remembered why. It falls a little flat for some reason; it isn’t a great representative of Dammann’s good stuff. Of course I am sending a sample of this to Cameron B… thankfully also a sample of Figue Fraiche, which I believe is a better example. Don’t judge them all on this one, Cameron! :)

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec
Cameron B.

I would never! ;)

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Sipdown for this one. This was a very tasty Tan Yang, and I’m glad I tried it out. I will say that I don’t think that it’s necessarily spectacular; it’s quite delicious, obviously high quality, and I drank it up pretty quickly, but it doesn’t make me go WOW. It has nice grain flavor, molasses, honey, and a hint of raisin.

Overall my experience with JK Tea Shop has been that their teas are all really tasty and high quality, but nothing unique enough to drive me to order regularly from them. This Tan Yang has been my favorite, and would be a contender for a future order had anything else also caught my tastebuds. But I’m glad I’ve tried some of their teas now! I was always curious about them.

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drank Caramel-Toffee by Dammann Freres
2185 tasting notes

This, like Fleurilége, was a sad sipdown but not too sad, because it will be reordered very soon. The saddest sipdowns are for the teas that you can’t get any more of, ever. Now I just have to keep working hard on sipdowns because I am still 13 teas away from 100 teas in my cupboard and my DF order. It’s taking forever.

Easily one of my favorite teas, this morning it held it’s own against a speculoos, nutella and maple-syrup drenched waffle. Deliciously caramelly to the last drop. See you soon, Caramel-Toffee!

Flavors: Caramel, Toffee

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Almost down to 100?!?!?!?! I’m impressed!


dinosara… looks like we’re almost good for another kick at things haha


Getting close to 100, but honestly I’m not sure if I will make it! I have been looking at my list of teas, and I think I will make it under 110 but then I hit large amounts of tea again. I’m going to set some aside to cold brew and I may just… not count them. :D Also I’m now planning a swap, so that’s not going to help numbers! Oh well, it doesn’t bother me so much anymore.


haha yeah….happened to me..got under 100 and then i just wanted to place a couple orders…etc.. and then i was back over. I’m ok with that though – 100 range seems to be my barrier that i can’t get under. Though i’ll keep trying because it’s fun :)

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This is another quite old tea in my cupboard, and as a white tea it’s probably one that should be drank up sooner than later. Fortunately it has aged very well; this tea is still as creamy, sweet, and deliciously floral as it was when I first got it. I would probably restock this one as my straight jasmine tea (as opposed to a jasmine pearl) just because I love the white base so much.

In that mythical time when my cupboard has been pared down to a small number of essential teas (plus a few rotating samples), this will likely have a home. I have a few more servings of it that I will enjoy before it’s gone!

Flavors: Hay, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Marshmallow

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I really like this jasmine tea because of the base too


I’ve been cold brewing this one all summer too! Bought quite a bit and need to use it up


I’ve been hoarding a sample pack of this

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I brought this tea home yesterday so that I could work it into my pre-work tea rotation and focus on a sipdown; it’s quite old. I do love this tea, but I don’t think I will end up restocking it because it is true that I have discovered so many teas that naturally taste like chocolate that I don’t really need a tea that is flavored with chocolate, no matter how good the base is.

So I made a cup this morning and it was odd. Kind of flavorless, but also bitter. Really the best when you are look for a tea, no? I was worried it might be my water since my after-work green teas have been a little lackluster since I changed the filter on our tap, though my morning Dammann teas have been delicious as always. So I brought this tea back in and am having it now.

I think age has killed this one. Same brewing parameters as I always have done, but it is defintiely a hint bitter (possibly helped by tea crumbles in the bottom of the bag?). It’s also not a sweet and complex as it should be. I do think it tastes a little better here than this morning, but that could just be a difference of drinking it while doing and eating stuff vs. drinking it on it’s own.

Nevertheless, I had a serving or two left but I tossed it. It’s definitely faded from its previous glory, and it’s not really worth drinking the rest of it.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

“… I have discovered so many teas that naturally taste like chocolate that I don’t really need a tea that is flavored with chocolate, no matter how good the base is.”
Agreed! Which are your favorite natural tasting chocolate teas?

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Another green tea sipdown from this spring’s harvest. It feels nice to get through these in a reasonable amount of time!

Today I went back to my large gaiwan for this dragonwell and it certainly worked out well for me. Buttery, sweet, and fresh. A nice, re-hydrating cup of tea after a loooong day of teaching. Thanks Teavivre!

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Hmmmm. I just made some of this in my gaiwan, but it didn’t come out like I expected. I did switch to a smaller gaiwan than I have been using for the other greens mostly because it seemed like a little less leaf in this pack, and besides it was the Teavivre gaiwan that they sent me, so I figured I should try one out in the smaller volume.

The reason for the hmmm is that I actually prefer this one steeped western style. Maybe it was the small gaiwan, or some other factor, but mostly this cup was just kind of boring and lackluster. I got lovely flavors from the western steep, so something clearly went wrong here. Too bad! It wasn’t a bad cup of tea, it just wasn’t very interesting. Thanks again to Teavivre for the sample!

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drank Fleurilège by Dammann Freres
2185 tasting notes

Waaaaaahhhh. This is a sipdown. Not sure if I’ve ever drank through 50g faster than I did this 50 g, which is kind of sad because I bought this a year ago. I am a slow tea drinker. That said, this will not remain out of my cupboard for too long, because it is definitely getting restocked in my September order. Besides sipdowns, I really need to work on getting some large tins freed up for 100g amounts. Unfortunately those two goals are not really compatible!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Having this tea this afternoon, brewed in my gaiwan in short steeps and combined into one cup.

I have to say, this cup smelled really really melon-y. Almost cantaloupe, but moresoe honeydew. It’s nice and sweet as well as fresh and green. I am really digging the spring harvest of this Bi Luo Chun! It is so interesting how the harvests can make such a difference.

Flavors: Garden Peas, Honeydew, Melon


Thanks for the review. May I ask where you bought your Gaiway? Thanks


The one I use most frequently I got at Verdant tea, but they only restock on teawares about once a year when they go to China. This is the one I have: http://verdanttea.com/teas/jingdezhen-wide-bird-gaiwan/

I also have a small gaiwan from Teavivre that I use frequently, and their teawares are pretty much always in stock.

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I am tea obsessed, with the stash to match. I tend to really enjoy green oolongs, Chinese blacks, and flavored teas with high quality bases, especially florals, bergamot-based teas, and chocolate teas.

In my free time I am a birder, baker, and music/movie/tv addict.

Here are my rating categories, FYI:
100-90: Mind-blowingly good, just right for my palate, and teas that just take me to a happy place.
89-86: I really really like these teas and will keep most of them in the permanent collection, but they’re not quite as spectacular as the top category
85-80: Pretty tasty teas that I enjoy well enough, but definitely won’t rebuy when I run out.
79-70: Teas that I would probably drink again, but only if there were no preferrable options.
69-50: Teas that I don’t really enjoy all that much and wouldn’t drink another cup of.
49 and below: Mega yuck. This tea is just disgusting to me.
Unrated: Usually I feel unqualified to rate these teas because they are types of teas that I tend to not like in general. Sometimes user error or tea brewed under poor conditions.


Ohio, US

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