2030 Tasting Notes

Sipdown, 110. I brewed this one up right before I went out to lunch, so I had about half of it hot and am drinking the rest of it now. I knew it would still be delicious when it had completely cooled! I am digging the roasty, yet still green and slightly floral flavors.

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ooooh… 10 to go. I’ve got 6 heh (technically 8 since Justjames sent me 2 teas i haven’t logged yet)


Yeah, I have 6 teas with one serving left and 6 teas with two servings left. I am so going to make it, haha.


i plan on making it by sat evening… so that i have a week to try and get down even further. not that it’ll happen but MAYBE i can manage to get down enough so that incoming teas from black friday will only bring me back to 150… (since it takes 10 days generally for things to get to canada from the us)

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Sipdown, 111. Thanks again to Teavivre for this sample!

This tea is one of those teas that really just makes me happy. I love a sweet, floral, buttery, unroasted tieguanyin and this fits all of those categories beautifully. Slightly citrusy, green and fresh, but with a lovely complexity. Straight up delicious!

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drank Boléro by Mariage Frères
2030 tasting notes

Sipdown, 112. Just like I thought, amazing cold brewed! So fruity and sweet and delicious. I could drink gallons of this tea cold brewed and never get tired of it. I know it’s a funny thing to say, but MF teas make some of the most fantastic cold brews I’ve ever tried. Yum!

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Sipdown, 113. Although I have 13 teas to go to hit my goal, I am quickly running out of options as Black Friday approaches. Almost all the black teas are some form of Taiwanese black!

I enjoy this one best with a cool steep temp, relatively short time, and moderate amount of leaf. Today there is a bit more honey to this, no astringency, and a bit of fruit. However, it still lacks a certain depth of flavor that I would have hoped for. Still, I am glad I found some steeping parameters that would let me enjoy what I had of this tea.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank L'Automne by Fauchon
2030 tasting notes

Sipdown, 114. I actually had this one last night but didn’t get around to writing a note. Thanks to MissB for sending some along!

So the other day when I had the Lupicia rooibos blend I remembered another reason I don’t typically drink rooibos: like some people, it tickles the back of my throat and makes me feel a little allergic. I had heard that putting the rooibos in a paper tea pouch (instead of a metal infuser) helps to cut down on this because there’s not as much leak-through of tiny rooibos bits, so I tried that with a bit of this tea because I did want to taste it.

I will say, the taste is nice. The rooibos isn’t medicinal or weird, and it meshes well with the flavors. It was fruity and sweet. Honestly I didn’t pay too much attention to it because about halfway through the cup I got that tickley, swelly feeling in my throat. Don’t know if its real allergies or just some other reaction to the particulates, but I do know that I am crossing rooibos off my list of possible teas officially. But this seems like a nice blend if you like rooibos! I passed the rest of this onto my local tea friend who does like rooibos.

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Tea Sipper

Yeah, I loved rooibos until I realized one day that it was bothering the back of my throat! I will drink it with the paper pouches though.


Just seeing this now. So sorry to have sent it along; I should’ve checked before doing so!


Oh no, don’t worry about it! I don’t think I had actually said anything about it in a note because I just realized what was going on right before I got this one. And I was able to pass it to a friend, which is always good. :)

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Sipdown, 115. Hoping this tea will perk me up for the afternoon. I definitely very much enjoy this tea. Very smooth, malty, a bit sweet. It has a nice, rich texture that complements the flavor well and gives it a good body. A pleasure to drink.

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Today I used a touch more leaf but pretty much the same steeping parameters… it turned out different, but good! People sometimes talk about a waffle note with Butiki’s Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black, and I have to admit I have never tasted waffles in that tea. But perhaps that put an idea in my head because this totally tasted waffley. For sure less fruit, and somewhat less caramel. But now a baked, doughy flavor that does remind me of waffles. This is definitely an interesting tea and definitely my favorite black tea from this company.

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Sounds nice!


You’re the second person I’ve seen that said this was their favorite. I’ve only tried the Red Jade – might have to make this my work tea for tomorrow.


yeah i wasn’t blown away by any of their teas but this one was my favourite.

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drank L'Abricot by Fauchon
2030 tasting notes

Sipdown, 116. Thanks to MissB for this sample! I am saving the rest of it to give to my friend who almost bought a tin of the apricot at TJ Maxx the other day but didn’t. Now she can see if she wants to go back, haha.

This smells very apricot-y, which obviously makes sense. Like apricot jam, in that it is very concentrated apricot, not the light flavor I get from fresh fruit. The flavor is nice: sweet and tart at the same time, not unlike apricot jam. The black tea base is not hiding here, either; it is smooth but robust. I think there is perhaps a bit of keemun in here (they only say black tea from China and Sri Lanka). Overall a tasty tea. I am sure it would make a lovely iced tea as well!

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Sipdown, 117. I get it. I finally get it. What a really, really lovely tea. Thanks again so much to Teavivre for sending me this.

So the first couple of times I had this I was a bit underwhelmed. I don’t typically looooove high mountain Taiwanese oolongs but I do usually enjoy them. My first gongfu session I used my small teapot (6oz) but that was clearly too much. This time I followed Teavivre’s gongfu instructions on the site exactly and used the gaiwan that they sent to me (3oz). The florals were just intoxicating.

I ended up having one tiny cup from each steep and dumping the rest (only enough for another tiny cup at the end once all the leaves expanded!) into a cup to drink at the end. All of them were lovely, including the final cup. Smooth, luxurious florals, fresh and green. The texture was smooth and silky, and the flavor was rich and complex in every steep. Spring in a cup, which is lovely to have at the beginning of winter.


Gaiwan is a common tool that used in tea ceremony, as well as in the gongfu way for brewing tea. And it’s interesting to watch the little particles expand to leaves.

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Sipdown, 118. I did two steeps with the last of this one: a cold brew, and a western. So I’ve tried it all three ways, haha.

And they are all pretty much no. I think I like this less than some of the puerhs I’ve had, perhaps because I keep expecting TGY out of this and it isn’t delivering, in my opinion. Very mineral, earth, and leafy. It really does remind me of a sheng. The cold steep was crisp and refreshing but really reminded me of drinking from a creek in the woods, haha. Interesting how different this one is from the 10 year aged TGY I just had! Glad I got to try it, though.

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I am tea obsessed, with the stash to match. I tend to really enjoy green oolongs, Chinese blacks, and flavored teas with high quality bases, especially florals, bergamot-based teas, and chocolate teas.

In my free time I am a birder, baker, and music/movie/tv addict.

Here are my rating categories, FYI:
100-90: Mind-blowingly good, just right for my palate, and teas that just take me to a happy place.
89-86: I really really like these teas and will keep most of them in the permanent collection, but they’re not quite as spectacular as the top category
85-80: Pretty tasty teas that I enjoy well enough, but definitely won’t rebuy when I run out.
79-70: Teas that I would probably drink again, but only if there were no preferrable options.
69-50: Teas that I don’t really enjoy all that much and wouldn’t drink another cup of.
49 and below: Mega yuck. This tea is just disgusting to me.
Unrated: Usually I feel unqualified to rate these teas because they are types of teas that I tend to not like in general. Sometimes user error or tea brewed under poor conditions.


Ohio, US

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