Steepster Bug Status Thread

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Been having some issues with Steepster acting like I’m not logged in when I am. Not letting me log out to try and fix it. When it does this I can’t comment on anyones feeds, add anything to my cupboard etc. but I can still see the posts by Steepsters I’m following.

Dustin said

I found two entries for T2’s Melbourne Breakfast and both give me the kettle error page.

I think all teas are giving the error right now. At least, all of the ones I’ve tried are.

You’re right though, there also appear to be two entries for every tea when I search…

Ilya & Co., can you please fix the bug where if the latest post in a discussion topic is the last post on a page, clicking the “X minutes ago” link from the All Discussions page mistakenly takes you to an empty page? Seems like some kind of index off-by-one issue to me…

Dustin said

I anyone else’s feed not updating from about 14 hours ago? I know that there have to have been multiple tasting notes from everyone I follow since then, but I can’t get them to show up.

Yes, the dashboard is stuck again. There have been a few other people posting it in the migration thread.

I’ve been using to see the notes.

Dustin said

Okay, so not just me. :) I’ll check out the recent feature.

My Dashboard is Stuck again on Sil’s Rhubarb Sugar Pie tasting note and removing my browser cookies doesn’t seem to be working.
It seems to be Resolved now

Something seems to have broken the bold style in tasting notes (but not here on the discussion boards).

It’s working again now… (shrugs)

Sometimes it loads somehow wrongly; sometimes with different font even… I wonder if it is my Firefox or something else. Glad it works well now though!

Has anyone else noticed bold text sometimes displaying as regular weight on the dashboard, or is it just me? It seems intermittent…

I never had not-working bold text. But it’s weird it sometimes works and sometimes not…

I can’t edit anything in my account section, a month after my account was created. I created it through my google account because that’s nice and easy, and you guys decided you would use my FULL NAME as my username, which I now cannot edit. Please help.

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