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Cofftea said

Another "Drink This, Not That" article mentioning tea

Just saw this article on yahoo. http://health.yahoo.net/experts/eatthis/americas-most-fattening-diet-drinks Gotta admit these articles drive me crazy. They either expect you to be shocked a full fat drink in the largest size w/ extras like whipped cream are insane and/or compare it to, an albeit healthier, version that doesn’t really taste the same. The do it w/ food too. If they really want you to be healthier why didn’t they suggest fresh brewed, unsweetened loose iced tea or RTD tea that is either unsweetened or sweetened w/ stevia?

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Jillian said

Actually I found that most of their alternatives in that article sounded like decent options that served as good examples and generally were quite even in terms of quantity (though that veggie cocktail isn’t going to win any taste awards from me). Most of the ‘bad’ drinks were bottled and thus had fixed quantities and no additives anyway so the comparison is reasonably fair.

Basically the point of the article seems to be not to buy into the whole health food/antioxidant/diet hype and instead actually read the ingredient lists and nutritional info – which I consider to be sound advice.

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amandajo said

Sheesh…I actually tried that Naked smoothie the other day! Guess I should have looked at the calorie content first. It was quite grainy due to the protein mix. I wouldn’t recommend it either. ;)

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Spot52 select said

I do like the sweetness in honest tea and steaz. Both companies prove a sugar drink, but they are significantly lower in sugar than snapple. Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some snapple peach iced tea too. The whole sugar thing is shockingly about moderation.

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Mel said

Interesting article…When I can’t make tea, I do buy Honest Tea, it’s how I sweeten teas if I do add sugar. I am so thankful to have tea. So many choices of flavors, why would anyone drink just Dunkin Donuts coffee or Coke everyday? Boring! I was a sweet pop/soda addict for so long, so glad I kicked that habit. I only spoil myself with a microbrewery root beer once a month. I drink sweet tea every now and then, but I have gotten used to naked teas and their beauty.

Cofftea said

Have you tried ManTeas’ Beer Tea? It’s crazy good and I don’t even like beer:)

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