Brian said

Daily Drinker?

Hey all, I recently purchased an Aladdin infuser mug (great product btw!), and want to carry some tea with me wherever I go. Yet it’s hard for me to find a good combo of cost, flavor, and repeatability (and by this I mean it tastes amazing, AND you could drink it all day, instead of those “Amazing on occasion” teas.

So share with me Steepsterites, what is your favorite Daily Drinker or staple tea? This topic should help everyone! :D

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Right now, I love Golden Monkey, Emperor’s Red, English and/or Irish Breakfast, an Assam or two, a Yunnan or two, and Harney & Sons Queen Catherine as teas that I could easily enjoy every day. My cupboard is still insane from so much experimentation, but I would like to have a small cupboard of things that I love rather than the crazy business I have going on right now! I’m trying to drink up and give away my extras, and I’m hoping for a nice, neat and reflective of my current likes cupboard soon!

Oh! I almost forgot about my Jasmine, Vanilla and Earl Grey obsessions. They are not every day teas but perhaps weekly teas.

Caitlin said

I like anything unflavored black as a daily tea – I drink lipton darjleeing almost daily. I also love twinnings prince of wales. Right now my every day tea is art of tea’s earl grey creme.

Cofftea said

I have a few: matcha, 52teas Mayan Chocolate Chai, and Tipu’s instant chai. As for general categories, greens or whites normally, green oolongs and sheng pu erh rather frequently as well.

Beckara said

David’s Breakfast Tea (David’s Tea)
Orange Pekoe (David’s Tea)
Irish Cream (David’s Tea)
Cream of Earl Grey (David’s Tea)
Three Wishes (David’s Tea) —which is a little different and has a bit of a peachy taste too it.

Lipton’s pyramid teas (Spiced Chai and Mango Peach)

and Twinings Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey & Lady Grey.

Cofftea said
cody said

Definitely an unflavored black… probably Assam. Darjeeling or some sort of breakfast/afternoon blend is good, too.

Feisty said

Probably my most daily go to tea is Celestial Seasonings Vanilla White Chai with a splash of milk and honey, simply because it always tastes good, no matter how it’s steeped, how long, hot or cold etc. Other dailies would be Tetley English Breakfast, 52teas Pina Colada Honeybush and some sort of green, usually whatever I have on hand.

Cofftea said

Have you tried 52teas Apple Vanilla Chai? I hear it’s good.:)

I love Irish Breakfast tea from Twinings. I also like Good Hope Vanilla Rooibos from Republic of Tea. Recently, I’ve been drinking more of Celestial Seasonings’ Mandarin Orange Spice.. definitely gets me in the mood for fall.

Beckara said

Irish breakfast is one of my favourites!

A good English Breakfast blend; Twining’s loose isn’t bad; my utter fave is one I get a local teashop called Britannia Teas and Gifts … St Dalfour Darjeeling in a bag is very dependable, and a friend of mine lives on the St Dalfour Ceylon … David’s Organic Breakfast Tea is superb … I drink various rooibos blends everyday, too. On the weekends I go all oolong and white and extra fancy. I justify how much tea I drink by calling it an investment in my own health. I personally get no satisfaction from saving a bit of money and getting cheap tea I won’t enjoy as much as the pricier stuff.

Mel said

I used to religiously drink Good Earth’s Jasmine Tea, iced everyday in college. Both my parents drink their Sweet & Spicy every week, too.

I MUST have some coconut tea, rooibos, and good Japanese green tea, or I feel lost. I do love Irish Breakfast, never have had Twinings, will try it.

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