Meghann M said

Red Velvet Chocolate Tea

I couldn’t remember whose comment had mentioned Frank making a Red Velvet honeybush, but Republic of Teas just beat him to it. I just received an email today with news that this Rooibos tea had been created. Here’s the info.

Sharing because I’m drooling over it!

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Cofftea said

I saw this too and was actually going to ask Frank about it because there is NO cream cheese flavor in it… I think this is a good excuse for more cream cheese teas and to one up RoT. That and I don’t like red rooibos so I’m thinking black. Maybe a decaf black.

Jaime said

That was me!!!! I just saw this on Facebook and literally squealed. I’m totally getting it…but am with Cofftea, I think Frank would be able to one-up them easily. But please make it decaf, cause I have a feeling I’d be addicted, and I’d kinda like to sleep.

Cofftea said

If it wasn’t for you and that greenbush blend, I’d never try it. The red velvet cake I was raised on doesn’t have beets in it.

Jaime said

Lol! Those greenbushes are yummy, aren’t they? How about I send you a couple bags of this once I get it?

And I’ve had a red velvet cake that had beets in it…then again, I try almost any red velvet recipe that I can get my hands on. My great-grandmother’s was perfection, and she didn’t give the recipe to anyone, so my family is constantly trying to figure it out.

Cofftea said

That’d be great, thanks! Yeah my grandma’s just had a copious… ok, beyond copious… a freakin crap load of red food coloring lol.

Frolic select said

Mmm yummy I think Frank could do a good version with cream cheese as that is essential to a good red velvet cake.

But if he doesn’t come up with one soon I might break down and buy the RoT if it gets decent reviews.

Kristen said

Oh yes I had seconded Jaime’s original comment on the Red velvet tea…. I had suggested red velvet black or honeybush! YUMMY! Thanks for sharing!

Ooooh! I may have to try this since I am all out of chocolatey rooibos. Thanks for the heads up!

I ordered one today. Couldn’t resist! I’m pleased with my RoT’s red teas.

i saw this, and have resisted so far on the basis i have tons of tea and their other chocolate teas have been disappointing

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