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Anyone have any Art of Tea Teas they would like to trade?

Anyone have Art of Tea Teas they would like to trade!? I was thinking about trading tons of Zoomdweebies teas for them but am open to suggestions, as well! :P

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Jaime said

I have a local tea cafe that sells about 50 of their blends. I could pick up samples of the ones that they have for you, or actual ounces if there’s any you’re really interested in.

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WOW!!! Jaime! That would be awesome! Do they have a list online of the kinds they sell!? I would LOVE samplers sizes even! I have tried very few of their teas and would be interested in almost any of them! I’d be willing to trade pretty much anything or even 2 for 1 of other brands I have in stock!!!

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I have a little bit of a few Art of Tea teas that I can send – I have those from the Dessert Sampler (I think that’s the one, they are all rooibos blends) that I can send you a little bit of each one… except the banana one, I presume?

Here is a list of the Art of Teas tea that I have:
Fleur de Vie, caramelized pear, vanilla berry truffle, blueberry cheesecake, velvet tea… I think that’s all I have right now… Oh, and the ginger matcha, but I’m saving the last that I have of that for a recipe that I’m going to try one of these days!

LOL@ The Banana Comment! LOL

I would LOVE to try the others, indeed! Anne…you are TOO GOOD to me!!!

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Jaime said

Here’s their site:


Down at the bottom is a link to their teas…at a glance, I know that the Pumpkin Pie isn’t on there, but she has it, and they don’t have the plain rooibos even though it’s listed. They also have Yerba Mate and Dragonwell Lung Ching, but I’ve not tried those (everything else on their menu, yes, I have tried…most multiple times).

AWESOME! Thanks! I am curious about any/all or any combo of the following…
Blueberry Cheesecake, Cinnamon Fig, Vanilla Berry Truffle, Velvet Tea, Blueberry Pomegranate, Coconut Creme, Guava Ginger, Mandarin Silk Oolong, Plum Oolong, Lovers Leap, Lychee Peach, Santiago Strawberry, Apricot Escape

:) WOooooooOooooOooo! Thanks so much for the info and possible swap/trade!!!!!

Jaime said

I’ll get a sampler pack together for you! Just pm me with info!!

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Thanks Jaime & Anne!

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