rabbysmom said

Tea Ratings

How do you use the sliding scale? I don’t think my ratings are that consistent. For instance, my 60 might be different than another person’s 60 as far as what it means. Any ideas?
Kind of wish instead of a scale, you could click "awful- will never drink again, boring- drinkable, pretty good- may buy again, very good, and so on. Perhaps it’s just me?

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Cofftea said

I think the “my 60 might be different than another person’s 60 as far as what it means” is good since everyone’s taste in tea IS different. I always put disclaimers in my tasting notes like “Wasn’t a fan of this, but that’s not surprising since I don’t care for blacks. A black tea lover would love this!” or “I got this as a gift. I really enjoyed it, but there are so many teas out there I don’t think I’ll be spending my own money on this”. That’s why I think it’s important we have a field or check boxes where we can enter how we got the tea.

I believe it’s awful, meh, good, awesome, left to right, given as guidelines for the sliding scale ratings. I tend to be picky when rating things in general so few teas are on the higher end for me.

Cofftea said

I’m either FAR left, middle, or FAR right.

denisend said

Below 10 – poured it out immediately.
10-50 – maybe I drank it, but I won’t make it again (or if I do, I’ll change something, water temp, additions, something)
50-65 – I’ll drink it again
65-80 – liked it!
80-100 – definately going to reorder

These are just estimates, since the numbers don’t show up on the slider

Cofftea said

I’ll only give a tea a 0 if I can’t finish the cup and I ALWAYS try my best to finish at least the 1st cup. Maybe 10-20ish if I can’t bring myself to try resteeping it.

Cofftea said

I do think what complicates the ratings is we can’t give a tea a new rating each time we try it.

Ricky admin said

My ratings use to be

80+ I’d reorder
70-79 I can drink it, but I didn’t think it was anything special
65 I can tolerate but wouldn’t drink a second time

Then I noticed steepster had little smiley faces. 25 has a yuck face. 50 has an indifference, 75 has a delicious and 100 has an omg this is outstanding type of face!

So I started using that as my guideline. After I fixed my ratings, my score seemed closer to the average ratings.

I try to order my tea which ones I’d prefer over another, but I realized that’s useless. I forget how a tea tastes after a few days.

rabbysmom said

Thanks for the responses- these are really helpful guidelines.

Cofftea said

I just logged Kekecha Yellow and that got me thinking, the 3rd smiley is kinda misleading. It’s like 67. I think there should be 5 smileys at 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100.

I agree, they need to mark he bits more clearly, and maybe provide suggestions like 0-25 won’t buy again 25-50 will try different prep, if no improvement won’t purchase but might take for free, 50-75 like it, won’t stock up, might tweak with prep, 75-100 will gladly buy again and even stock up on it

Cofftea said

Yeah and RE: your point with the “will try different prep”, I’m just going to reiterate my desire for separate ratings for each tasting note. A lot of us tinker w/ parameters and having individual ratings will make it a lot easier on the readers since they’ll know at a glace which parameters work and which don’t. I also suggested specific fields for leaf and water amount so a person doesn’t have to go fishing thru the tasting note to find them.

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