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amandajo said

Tea in Chicago?

Alright guys, I’m in Chicago for a week and I need your help. What tea places should I hit up while I am here? I’d like to go to places that are original, perhaps places where they blend their own teas or where I can find a great selection of things that you can’t find just anywhere.


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Mel said

They are filled! :( I live 2 hours from there, but I still would go! Thanks for heads up! I didn’t even know they offered events!

amandajo said

Aw, actually that is the day I am leaving! Thank you though!

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Janefan said

well http://www.argotea.com/ only has 3 locations and Chicago is one of them!

http://www.russianteatime.com/ is a restaurant, not a shop, but looks nice for a fancy afternoon tea service if you’re into that, plus it’s near the art institute

and this has nothing to do with tea (well they probably serve some hot tea) but Orange is a great place for brunch, really funky, fun attitude, good fresh and creative food, etc. apparently they have lots of locations. I have no idea which I went to when I was there, but it was awesome! http://orangerestaurantchicago.com/orange/html/
ps – actually they do have chai tea french toast!

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Brian said

Chicago Tea Garden perhaps?

Unfortunately there isn’t a brick and mortar location. :-(

Janefan said

that was my first thought too, but then I looked at their site and realized they have no store. why did I think they did?

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Mel said

Argo tea is only ok, like a starbucks of tea.

I have had the chai french toast at Orange! I wish they didn’t serve it in a chai tea soup, but made a cream anglaise sauce for the french toast.

I really recommend Todd & Holland, in Forest Park. http://www.todd-holland.com/
Everything from them is online, but it’s always nice to check the place in person. They only have 2 teas out for sample everyday.

If you never been to a Teagschwendner, there’s one in the Gold Coast, http://www.teagschwendner.com/US/en/Locations.TG

For Afternoon tea, my friend said the Drake Hotel has a nice one.

Phoneix Restaurant, amazing Chinese food, and excellent oolong and jasmine tea they serve http://www.yelp.com/biz/phoenix-restaurant-chicago#query:phoneix

TenRen is nearby, south of there. That store is insane, I recommend going elsewhere to buy tea, since the service is rushed and rude, though there’s only one lady there that is kind.

Japonais is always a great place to eat, and their iced green tea is super good (with free refills) Expensive though!

If you like bubble tea, http://www.yelp.com/biz/joy-yees-noodle-shop-chicago#query:a%20place%20for%20tea I guess they are more like shakes, but their avocado drink is so delish!

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There is always the Adagio that just opened up in Naperville which isn’t far from downtown Chicago. You can do Argo Teas which are located in several places, Tea Gschwendner same thing.

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amandajo said

Sounds good guys, thanks!

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