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Anatta said

How do you measure water temperature?

I have a GE electric kettle, which does not have a temperate gauge. What kind of device would you recommend to measure water temperature?

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Cofftea said

This is the best thing related to tea since the water kettle. It multi tasks as a thermometer, timer, and source of knowledge as it has preset steeping temps and times for you to use:

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argus said

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teatoad said

i normally just boil the water… if the temp need to be lowered i wait a couple minutes before i steep.

I was at teanava and i was talking to the guy there when he was making me some tea. He said that the water they use is boiling, so when they steep teas that need to have a lowered temp, they put in a couple of ice cubes to lower the temp.

I want to get this tea kettle that has the temp on it. http://www.cuisinart.com/products/tea_kettles/ptk-330w.html. but i do not want to pay $80 for it

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I just ordered a thermometer a few days ago, there are about a million options out there. I never realized how important water temperature was until I tried a tea I was super excited about…and the taste was not what I expected. When I tried again with cooler water it was perfect. I guess you really do have to watch the water temp!

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I simply eyeball it. I avoid gadgetry whenever possible because here’s the thing – I may want something, but, I have come to realize that I probably won’t use it if it’s not an essential tool. The same is true when I’m creating art. I have a lot of fancy gadgets and stuff, but when it gets right down to it, I don’t use them all that often. I prefer the tools I was born with.

I have been making tea for so many years now, I just kind of know when the tea is the right temperature or not. Occasionally, I have a mishap, but, it is not often.

Anatta said

How do you know? Is it based on the bubbles?

Based on bubbles and the steam.

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I read this quote in a book by Laura Childs, “Death by Darjeeling” – Carp eyes coming, fish eyes going and soon will be the wind in the pines. Not helpful but poetic. Carp eyes coming are the little bubbles pressed to the side of the pot, a beginning boil. Fish eyes going are the big round breaking bubbles at the top of the water line and the wind in the pines is the whistle of steam.

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52teas said

We still have some of these in stock: http://www.52teas.com/2009/06/15/taylor-connoissuer-tea-thermometer-and-timer-taylor-connoissuer-tea-thermometer-and-timer/

My wife uses one at work and swears it is the best thing ever.

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