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seattleguy said

Where to buy storage canisters?

I have been hunting around the web for good, reasonably priced tea storage items that I can buy a fair amount of. Anyone have any reccomendations?

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my favorite place:


I love the two and four ounce wee guys for samples:


and any of these for sizable amounts of tea:


Kristen said

Thank you for posting this site! I just ordered some tins and some of the latch tea tins for my girls to paint and decorate for Christmas gifts to family members! They have very reasonable prices.

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seattleguy said
I just placed my order. Thanks :)

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seattleguy said

Wow! I wanted to say thanks to Jacqueline for giving the reccomendation of the above website. I just got my order today, and the tins are awesome. Well packed, and high quality

My pleasure! I also like their bottles. I made a big vat of home made vanilla extract to give as gifts during the holiday season, and they had the perfect amber glass bottles for it.

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seattleguy said
Hey all, I did the a water rest to check the air tightness of the tins I got off speciality bottle… all of the tins I got sprung leaks when turned upsidw down. The screw tops, the 6 inch latched closed tin, and the 4 ounce small round tins. All of the lids feel as though they have a tight fit, but I am wondering if this eliminates them for long term storage. Anyone have ideas or experience? Chris

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seattleguy said

Ps… perhaps im overthinking it a bit lol

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I did water test for the screw top cans too. It seems that if I let the can sit inverted, it doesn’t leak. But if I hold the can inverted and shake it hard, it leaks drops of water. Since I only use it for short term casual storage of tea in office or at trips, I think that’s good enough.
Their tea canisters are probably very air tight. But the problem is, the lid is so tight that sometimes it’s hard to pull it off without spilling the tea :-p

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EntireTea said

Which tins are best for tea?

Latch top
Screw top
Twistlug (don’t even know what this is)

I’m assumingthat the slip top tins have the weakest seal… What does everyone think?

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