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Tasting teas and keeping a cap on your tea cupboard

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I have a few teas in my permanent part of my cupboard (these are the ones that I shudder to think what will happen if I run out) and then I have samples that I am tasting and reviewing. I am always on the look out for a tea to add to my permanent collection..always looking for that perfect cuppa.
My overflow goes to my daughter-a coffee addict turned into a tea devotee:)

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I’m pretty boring, actually. Mostly, I drink the same tea for a month or two, due to the nearest good loose tea shop being three hours away driving. Granted they’re citrusy greens, so about when I’m starting to get bored with one, I get a new one, and alternate for a while. I have to be careful about buying, though, as if I don’t like something, I’m stuck with it!

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I don’t say no to free samples, and my suppliers keep sending me free samples – as baits – and I sometimes fall in love with them. I got another 60 something puerh samples last week (puerh producers are the most generous on samples) and I think I am doomed :-p

But I constantly think of such a project – how about I drink just one tea for a whole week (or even two whole weeks, a month…), or maybe saving 1 day as work/tasting day and drink just one tea for the rest of the week. Haven’t done it yet. Just some thought. Diversity is good. But then it will be nice too to have a short retreat with just one tea :-D

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-Jessica- said

I agree with other above; I’m more of a “taster”. There are only about 3 teas that are my absolute favorite and that I have to have on hand at all times, but my collection of teas is a little crazy. I have literally boxes and cabinets full of tea. I also have a buffet bar that I call my “tea bar” and the 4 cabinets underneath there house even more tea. Generally if they have a sample size I will go with it or the next smallest size, which generally seems to be around 2oz. – 4oz. I will have a cup or two and then I am content and happy that I was able to try that tea and then I am on to the next one. Most teas that I like are still not worthy enough to make it into my “I have to have on hand at all times tea”. See, I end up enjoying A LOT of different teas, but I have noticed that they are usually good only when the mood/time strikes for that type of tea… so I don’t bother to purchase it again. I like a tea that I can drink at any time regardless of my mood or the season and still be completely happy with it and continue to drink daily. When I find a tea like that (which has only been very, very few) I will then purchase a larger quantity so I can keep enjoying it on a regular.

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