Ricky admin said

Unofficial Steepster's First Secret Santa!

Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Christmas! Uhhh, did I forget anything? Now, I know a few other tea blogs do this secret santa thing, but I was wondering if anyone was interesting in doing this on Steepster. Think of it as Traveling Tea Box at a smaller scale ;). If enough interest is generated I could possibly organize something, though I probably should have started organizing this earlier =D. Anyways, thoughts, ideas?

Details: I’m thinking include about $10 worth of tea. Feel free to include samplers, but at least one unopened package. Include tea cookies, handmade stuff, whatever you want, go wild. Uhhh, postmark by 16/18th in the States with tracking (to avoid I didn’t receive my package issues). First class arrives 2-5 days. Priority mail is 2-3 days. If you get an international package, well think of it as a New Years Package. If you are going to mail it out late, let me know and I can inform the other person. Have fun! I’ll take signups until this Saturday 11th/ Sunday 12th unless people want to push it back.

Details in Bullet Points
- Include approximately $10 worth of tea. It’s recommended that the tea you send is sealed, however if your local tea shop doesn’t sell it in sealed bags, you can repackage it in a nice tin. You are welcomed to include more then $10 worth of tea.
- You we welcomed but not obligated to include tea cookies, handmade crafts, teaware, whatever you want
- Samplers are good, we all love them on Steepster
- Mail the package out with tracking to avoid “I never got my package” issues
- Sign ups will end on the 11th/12th. Hopefully, you’ll get your email next Monday the 13th.
- It’s best to mail it out by the 16th or 17th for the package to arrive before Christmas. If you know it will arrive past Christmas let me know so I can contact your secret santa.

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I would be interested…

LeafJoy said

Sounds awesome!

Jillian said

You know, when Angrboda volunteered to oversee the first TTB I don’t think she had any idea what a bloody pain in the arse it would be. But if you think you’re up to the challenge of something similar I’d like to join in. ;D

Ricky admin said

Haha, that’s why I’m hoping Jason will take this over and then it’ll be come an official Steepster event! Wishful thinking ;)

Brian said

+1 here, I’m totally up for this!

Jaime said

I’d definitely be interested!

Me me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like fun, count me in.

like, everyone sends a ox to one other person as a surprise present…not another traveling one? or another traveling one? either way i am in

Ricky admin said

The ox :D

yesyes, not tea, oxes! :)

Or oxes carrying the teas! The post office can be so bothersome to get to. We will just send our oxes!

Jillian said

An ox would be a surprise present! XD

we could send even more tea, a whole cart full! like a really slow santa and his deer….

Adham said

Count me in too – sounds great!

I’d be interested as well!

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