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Your favorite online tea stores and teas that accept paypal

I was wondering what are some really good or favorite tea stores and tea that accept pay paypal. And or your favorite teas by my likes. I do not want to pay more then 6$ for shipping looking for sample size to 2 0z. And do not want to spend more then 12$ on one tea.

I like white teas,black teas,fruity teas,fruity greens,flavored teas,and minty,and or lavender or chamomile herbals. Please help me.

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Cofftea said

This thread was started about 7 months ago:

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Off the top of my head, I’d say 52Teas is one of my favorites, they accept paypal, and they have free shipping. I also love Lupicia and they offer free shipping if you purchase over $45 and they offer smaller sizes as well.

Cofftea said

Whoa, good to know the min on shipping went up for Lupicia.

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I like Joy’s Teaspoon ( www.joysteaspoon.com ) Right now they are offering free shipping using the keyword SNOWFLAKE on all orders of $25 or more. They accept paypal and have a lot of well priced teas. All the teas I order from them are 2.0 oz. size. I love Sunny Passion, Spicy Pear, Lemon Zest, and Emporer 7 Treasures (or at least these are my favorites today, I like many of their teas)!

Worth checking them out for sure! Hope you find what you are looking for!

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Thank you to everyone who has replyed! I am now looking for specific teas that people have really enjoyed if they are under what I like on my post and that I can use paypal.

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I just joined Steepster as a way to learn more about varities and blends offered by so many Tea Companies out there. My goal is to continually upgrade my menu until I can offer the ‘best of’s’ from all over. Check my website on my profile. I buy from several companies and from what I can see of your tasting profile there might be many you would like and have not tried yet. We are in your price range and offer PayPal. I like to keep it simple, so all the teas are the same price and offered by quantity rather than weight. I always send a sample of another tea with purchase.
Merry Christmas!

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