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Teavana teas/sulfites?

Does anyone know if Teavana teas have sulfites or preservatives in them? The fruit in the teas looks so pretty. I have to wonder WHY they look so pretty! I have asked at the store and they couldnt say if they did or did not contain preservatives or sulfites. I have emailed Teavana, but have not gotten a answer to my question.

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Batrachoid said

Oh frogs, I hope not. My sister lives near a Teavana store and imbibes at least two Teavana teas a day!

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They’re preservative-free according to their website. Quick google search will clear it up for you. I live near a Teavana and have tried their fruit blends, never occurred to ask in-person.

Looks alone aren’t a good judge of what’s preserved and what’s not. What I’ve noticed with Teavana is that they include more fruit, and larger chunks of fruit than other branded tea makers, so it might appear that they’re doing something different with them, but if they’re dehydrated properly, they shouldn’t need preservatives.

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The Teavana website states that their TEAS are EU certified. Does this mean just the tea leaves? I specifically want to know if the herbal teas and fruit added to their teas contain sulfites or preservative. I know I am splitting hairs, but please understand that sulfites are a major concern of mine. Sulfites will trigger a painful migraine for my daughter and myself if we consume them. I have heard that sulfites can be life threatening for some people with asthma. I always buy unsulphured dried fruit. The appearance of sulphured fruit versus unsulphured dried fruit is very different. Unsulphured dried fruit tends to look a bit unappetizing. It still tastes great, just doesnt look so pretty. Teavanas fruit could be freeze dried, which would give the fruit a better appearance. I just want to be sure! And, I would like that confirmation in writing. So far no luck : (

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UPDATE…..I have received a reply from Teavana. They say only the papaya pieces contain sulfer dioxide. Teas that do not contain papaya, are preservative and sulfer free. Good to know!

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