Bethany said

Mighty Leaf?

I’ve purchased Mighty Leaf’s teabags from local stores on a few occasions, and have been wanting to buy some of their loose leaf teas for awhile now, but they’re shipping costs are outrageous. They have a free shipping sale going on right now (plus a 20% coupon if you dig around the Internet), so I took the plunge and ordered 4 oz. bags of the Coco Chai Rooibos, Orchid Oolong (had this at a restaurant not too long ago and LOVED it), and Green Tea Tropical.

Unfortunately, I made my order on Monday morning and it’s still listed as “in process.” I’m used to Adagio’s ridiculously quick turnaround, but this is kind of ridiculous. Has anyone else had this experience with Mighty Leaf? Could they just be overwhelmed by the sale?

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Not sure as I have only received ML from a friend – she mailed to me – and then I bought a sampler at Wegman’s (Grocery Store Chain) myself. Sorry it seems I am not much help with this one… good luck tho! Looking forward to seeing what you got/get!

Bethany said

Just got this e-mail response from their customer service:

Thank you for your order and your email. We have extended processing times
for Ground shipments to 4-5 business days due to the very large amounts of
orders that we have received over the last week (we still guarantee delivery
of 7-13 business days on all Ground orders). You should be receiving an
email notification once your order ships.

Geez. I understand that they’re getting slammed, but 4-5 days just to process is crazy.

Mike admin said

Yikes, that is a long time. Please let us know if they actually do end up getting it to you within that time period…just curious because I was pondering an order with them soon (but now might actually wait until after the holidays).

Cofftea said

Yeah, 4-5 days to ship is much different than 4-5 days to just process. Even this time of year.

oh my…good luck tho

Bethany said

My order shipped last night and the delivery date is listed as December 15, which would be 8 days from the time that I ordered. Still well within their promised 7-13 day delivery range, but still unacceptable to me. I’ll definitely only be ordering from them when they have big sales like this.

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