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Gary said



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i don’t mean this in a bad way but i’ve had a few pu-erhs that bring this song to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxYXV2RrwIs

Oh-so-true! :)

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this is a little obvious but whenever i drink strawberry oolong i am always reminded of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A4r2RU1u3g. I love that song so much so really anything strawberry reminds me of it.


Batrachoid said

XD I almost choose that one today! I was listening to it too. I swear this game is a list of the stuff I love to listen to while painting. This one’s great for daydreaming the summer’s here.

^I imagine that would be a great song to paint too. Unfortunately, I was blessed with the talents of math and organization but nothing really artistic. I do love to read and listen to that song. I also have a very detailed memory of listening to that song and chilling with a friend lying on the grass in my backyard staring at the clouds.

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AJ said

I saw this yesterday and cursed myself for having chosen to drink a different rather than Dorian Grey, which has a theme song in my mind.

But today! Dorian Grey! I’m sipping it in my dainty teacup. Its song: Oscar Wilde by Company of Thieves. The beat just fits.


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Batrachoid said

Trying Teavana’s Garden Aria iced~! So of course this was the last song on my painting playlist. =)

Something Cool by Jennifer Zarine from Fresh Made Cuppa Tea

I actually was listening to June Christy’s version but this came up when I searched for a matching video. I think Zarine’s got better pacing and music but Christy’s voice is unbeatable.

I Tbsp leaf, 1 Tbsp raw honey, 1/4 tsp hibiscus, and eight rosehips
12 0z for five hours.
Ooh, this is a bit better iced. I didn’t add any Bai Mu to give tea a chance to peek out from under the mountain of strawberries and flowers but the poor leaves remained entombed. Ah, well. Still a nice, refreshing rise in blood sugar before dinner.

that’s a lovely song

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Sandy said

I am drinking Tokyo Lime by T Leaf T this morning. The fizziness of the smell reminds me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e4Y46rpZbk because it is just electric and pop and fun. Drinking the tea reminds me more of something more sweet and lyrical though so I picked this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LtkLJ4hkDg&feature=related

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I think we should have this challenge at least once a week. It was fun!

Batrachoid said

At least every other month. This made me think about what I associate with a tea and yeah, it’s just pure fun.

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