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Bart said

clonal,china and spl

hello my name is Bart and i am from the Netherlands
i am a tea lover for over 40 years now,but there are still a lot of simple things i do not know……….
like i saw in the product list of Jaya teas the term SPL Margrets hope STGFOP-1 SPL
somebody who knows what this means SPL ?
and i have question about estates in Darjeeling do they have just one owner or are they shared with others?

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mbanu said

SPL stands for “Special”, I believe. I’m not sure if it actually has any real meaning.

Clonal means that the tea is taken from plants grown from cuttings, which are all “clones” of one another. That means that their characteristics are relatively uniform. The contrast is tea from seeds, which while sharing a common environment, develop differently from one another. Clonal tea is more consistent in flavor profile, but whether or not it is superior depends on the attributes of the clonal stock used. (For instance, you can grow clonal tea that has been selected for, say, yield or drought resistance, while ignoring the flavor.) China notes which varietal the tea is from. Roughly speaking, there are two varietals, Camellia sinensis var. sinensis (“China” tea) and Camellia sinensis var. assamica (“Indian or Assam” tea). Despite their names, you can grow either variety anywhere with the appropriate environmental conditions. Each varietal has different flavor characteristics and growing profiles, and each has their own sub-varieties.

Different Darjeeling estates operate under different models. Some are run and owned cooperatively by the laborers, some are owned by a single family, and some are part of larger managed plantation networks owned by corporate multinationals or their subsidiaries.

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Bart Kops said

hello Mbanu
long time ago and thanks for your reply.
still a bit busy with the item
the clones are made in laboratories and the work and change the DNA structure,
so already there are many many varieties of tea

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Bart Kops said


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