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The Unofficial Official Steepster SweeTea!

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So sad…still haven’t received my package yet and still no idea if the package I sent to Mexico for my SweetTea over 18 days ago arrived. If have sent her an E-Mail and a PM from Steepster with no response, a bummer since it was FULL of goodies and a homemade card and tags for each tea sample.

Meghann M said

Awe, I hope it made it there ok!

That sounds like such a fun package to receive. I hope it arrives safely.

Yay! Just got a message from Val my Mexico City, Mexico SweetTea. She got her package about a week ago and is enjoying it a great deal. So happy. Still waiting to see when I get mine. Still, I am very happy my package for her arrived safely.

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Jillian said

I haven’t got mine yet and I haven’t heard from my SweeTea if she got her package from me yet. Not too surprising I guess, given how Canada Post and Customs can be – hopefully Customs doesn’t sit on my package for a couple months like they did with the TTB!

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I heard from my SweeTea yesterday that the package arrived, and I have already posted about my lovely package. Horray for the Unofficial Official Steepster SweeTea! Thank you once again Ricky and amazonv for another opportunity to spread the tea love!

Ricky admin said

You’re welcome! We’ll have more secret swaps in the future. Next one may possibly be for Easter.

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Batrachoid said

Okay, /now/ I’ve got my SweeTea package! JacquelineM sent me a gorgeous set of floral tea samples with cute stickers on the lids. I can’t believe how great they smell! Thank you again!

I sent mine out two days ago so I doubt my SweeTea got it yet. I had to wait on some tea for it. Sorry fo the tardy tea, when they get it.

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Ricky admin said

Where are all the photos?


Jillian said

*blinks * we were supposed to take photos?

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Alana237 sends to RachanaC(A.K.A. Rachel) (received)
AmazonV sends to Jillian (received)
ColumbiaKate sends to MoonTea (recieved)
JacquelineM sends to Batrachoid (recieved)
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joecool1979 sent to Meghann M (recieved)
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LiberTeas sends to Ellen-silversun (recieved)
Meghann M sent to KeenTeaThyme (recieved)
michellesolomon sends to JacquelineM (recieved)
mlc sent to theteablag (recieved)
MoonTea sends to Alana237 (received)
oOTeaOo sent to LiberTEAS (recieved)
RachanaC(A.K.A. Rachel) sends to val (received)
seykayay sent to ColumbiaKate (recieved)
silversun sends to The DJBooth (recieved)
tearrific sends to twiggles (received)
TeaEqualsBliss sends to joecool1979 (received)
The DJBooth sends to oOTeaOo (recieved)
theteablag sent to seykayay (recieved)
twiggles sends to TeaEqualsBliss (received)
val sends to tearrific (recieved)

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Yay! I just my SweeTEA package today. It came straight from the UK. Filled with European teas, well at least tea purchased from European tea shops. How awesome is that! Love it and thank you!

Alana237 said

Yay! I was your sweetea – I’m so glad it ahs finally arrived! I hope you enjoy the teas!

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only two left to arrive

if anyone has any comments / suggestions please send them to me

next swap planned for easter

Deliveries should be timed to arrive april 24
how does everyone feel sign ups through april 3, and a april 10 email? is that enough time?

Sounds like a reasonable time frame to me. :-)

sounds good to me. :)

Sounds fantastic!

twiggles said

Yay! the HoppiTEA swap? ;)

Cute name idea Twiggles!

I’m in! And I love Twiggles’ names! :) :)

twiggles you are totally in charge of names for all the swaps :)
HoppiTea swap it is!

Ricky admin said

HopppppppTeaaaaaa! Twiggles became the official namer.

twiggles said

woohoo! yay :)

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Fairyfli said

I would love to do this… where do we sign up! :)

there will be a new post caling for sign ups this weekend-ish

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