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Problems with Nothing But Tea's online shop?

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Uniquity said

The only thing that I’ve ever had account for issues such as this is my internet provider. Several times, a particular site has gone into loop of endless loading, loads with old dates or occasionally loads as a different site altogether. Facebook redirects to myspace, for example. No clue why, but it’s always been my ISP. Contacting them and having them look into it always fixed it – I don’t know what they do or why it happens but try contacting them (if you haven’t) and listing your issue with this site. See if there is some proverbial switch they can flick.

Uniquity said

I should also mention that it will sometimes only happen with one computer on the same network. We have a mac and a pc, and sometimes only one of them will encounter an issue with a site, but it’s still an ISP issue.

Thanks for the tip, Uniquity. I’ve submitted the problem to my ISP’s support. We’ll see what happens …

Well, I’ve spent a lot of time today on the phone with my ISP’s support trying to sort this with no luck. They, too, think it’s something to do with the website. I’m giving in – I’ve spent too much time on this. One point, if anyone’s interested: when I connect to the website through Chrome by using their IP and then click to go to the shop, I get a message saying the page “has resulted in too many re-directs.”

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I’d given up trying to solve all this; but I’ve been having a quick check of the website every week or so, to see if anything’s changed, but with the same old problem.

I’ve just sat down to the PC for the first time today and I thought I’d have a quick check before I got on with what I wanted to do … and I’m damned if it isn’t all working perfectly!

Still baffled – but happy as a sandbag, now.

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So glad, Chrissie has been working so very hard to get it fixed.

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