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Steepster's Ultimate Holiday Tea Contest!

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Mr_Tea said

Great contest! What a conversation piece that Sorapot would make!

Tirtsah said

i thought the same thing. I would love to win it as a social piece. It would bring friends together!!!

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If I win, I’ll have a tea party in to time flat. many will hear of steepster, and you’ll rule the world.

of course, the tea I would start this world domination with is this crazy stuff my roommate brought back from China. don’t remember the name, but I’ll post it soon.

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shawnc said

This is a really great package that you’re giving away!

I would first make the Golden Monkey tea from Pearl Fine teas because it sounds like one I’d really enjoy.


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This is an amazing contest – I’ve wanted the Sorapot for a while.
If I were to win, I would definitely try the Matcha Set first – I keep trying to develop a taste for Matcha, maybe this will help ;)

This is a lovely gift set – thanks Steepster!

Cofftea said

What brands of matcha have you tried so far? What do you think?

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iguanahey said

I think a bowl of matcha would be a great wintertime treat to start with. Obviously the Sorapot needs something special to go inside so I’d follow it up with some wild Nannuo Shan pu-erh. And then a good Da Hong Pao, and Formosan green oolong or two, and a mainland Tie Guan Yin, and a Bai Hao Yin Zhen, and a Long Jing, and a good sweet/sharp keemun, and .. well it just goes on and on. Wintertime is a great time to be a tea drinker!

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j p said

This contest is quite amazing as is the teapot. I would love to make it the centerpiece for my tea cabinet.
The first thing I would brew would be a Matevana from Teavana ( a mix of beautiful flowers, almonds and just a hint of chocolate for a rich and full mate flavor)

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I just found this site, I’m so excited! I would definitely make the white peony, it would look so beautiful swirling in the pot!

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I’m very passionate about the whole tea preparing and drinking rituals. So I adjust my drinking taste according to the season. This time of the year is very special. You want a warm drink, with strong flavor and aromatic as well. I can’t thing of anything else but the Adagio’s oriental spice tea.

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Squee said

Wow, what an amazing prize!

The first one I would try from the prize selection is Teafrog’s “Caramel Cream Rooibos”. I seem to be doing pretty well with rooibos, and caramel cream sounds so yummy! Next would probably be Teafrog’s “Love” rooibos tea.

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I’d brew a simple white tea, unsweetened as usual.

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