Best Bottled Water and Water Filtration System

I’d appreciate the Steepster’s help in finding the best bottled water and water filtration system. When I’m trying new teas I’d like to know that the water I’m using is bringing out the best in the tea. Thanks. Bryan

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Meghann M said

I’ve been using the brita water pitcher and changing the filter every month. It seems to be working well.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m now using a Brita filter.

I’ve been posting a lot of articles from this guy’s website recently, but they are really informative. Here’s one on water to use:

Thanks for the article. I’ll be using the suggestion that you draw your water at night and let it set overnight for brewing the tea the following morning. It should be an interesting experiment. If the tea tastes better, why not.

Meghann M said

Thanks for posting this article. It was interesting to read.

You’re welcome! That website is literally a treasure trove of info. on tea. Granted, it is to help sell products, but it is also simply informative and quite interesting. It’s worth clicking around.

I use the brita water filter also, have been for many years, and am very happy with it.

I don’t recommend using bottled water because after sitting so long in the bottle, it loses much of the oxygen which is needed to help the tea achieve full flavor.

Thanks for your tip. I’ll give the brita water filter a try.

Ottawa Tea said

I’m using a Brita filter for our well water which is high in sulfur. No complaints from my tea loving son nor me. I like our water much better than city water which uses chloramine for sanitation.

Cofftea said

Zero water filter system.

This looks interesting. Do you think it does a better job than the Brita and Pur Filters? More importantly is the flavor of tea better with the Zero Filters versus the Brita and Pur Filters? Thanks. Bryan

elemental said

I would not use bottled water for tea. Most, if not all, bottled waters contain high levels of dissolved minerals that add unwanted flavors. Any good “activated charcoal” filter (Brita, etc,) will remove any chlorine or mineral tastes from tap water — and give you a great cup of tea.

I like to use the electrolyte-enhanced waters – smart water or generic. Could be a placebo effect but I find the water more refreshing and the tea flavors clearer.

And I agree on the brita filters! I use that system at home.

Uniquity said

I use my tap water…but my tap water tastes shockingly good, for city water. I use the brita filter for my drinking water but only because I can store it in the fridge to keep it cold instead of running the tap each time.

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