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Jenny said

Keeping Your Milk Cold

When I get ready for a nice study sess, I like to get my tea pot warmer up and running and nice hot pot of some kind of black tea. I also enjoy taking my assam and ceylons with a bit of milk. I pour all the milk I think I will need into my milk pitcher before I actually start studying. The problem is that my study sessions can go for hours and well I’m iffy about leaving the milk out that long.

I barely fill my pitcher up to about a sixth of the volume, but that’s really all the milk I need. Does anyone know of any methods of keeping the milk cool or should I just make multiple trips to the fridge?

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mbanu said

Have you tried using a vacuum flask?

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I agree with the previous poster. I bought a Thermos with a glass liner for $7 and it is great for keeping things hot or cold for hours.

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A simple thing to do is sit it atop a little bowl of ice cubes.
I’ve seen it done this way in cafes.

Cofftea said

You’re on to something JacquelineM… Make milk ice cubes!

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VegTea said

Even though milk is pasteurized, it’s not safe to leave it out at room temperature hours. Harmful bacteria can grow long before the milk would spoil.

I would use a pre-chilled thermos or carafe (fill with ice water for several minutes). You don’t need a really fancy thermos – a double walled stainless steel one would be fine. Alternatively, you could keep the milk hot – pre-warm your thermos with boiling water for several minutes, then fill it with the hot milk.

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VegTea said

You know, I was thinking about this post this morning and it occurred to me that you really ought to be getting up and walking around for a few minutes every hour while studying anyway, to prevent deep vein thromboses (you’ve probably heard of these when people sit for 8 hours on an international flight or take a long car ride with no breaks) as well as muscle fatigue and eye strain. So, unless there are distracting things on your way to the fridge, your trips to the fridge are probably good for your health. I always liked making tea as a study break when I was studying 8 hours a day for a big exam.

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