brandy3392 said

Any David's Tea promo or coupon codes?

I’m thinking about placing an order with David’s Tea. Does anyone know of any current promo or coupon codes?

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Jessie said

I’ve never seen them have codes, unfortunately. And searches didn’t yield anything. I hope you find one!

I haven’t seen any codes either. I think they seldom use coupons, if at all. :(

brandy3392 said

That’s what I was afraid of. They have a spot in their checkout where you can enter a coupon code, so I was hoping.

Uniquity said

There was a thing on here like a week ago about following them on twitter – check out old threads, maybe that’s still active.

bhavinsw said


I just use FREETEA and get Free 50g bag of Goji Pop on order of $25 and more. There is printable coupon as well.

Update: Get 15% discount on loose leaf tea. You need to buy Steeper or Pitcher.
Check: for more details.


I just tried that code and it doesn’t work for me. Says ‘Coupon Code Not Found’.

Tamara said

Dang, I just ordered from them yesterday. I wish I had known of this code then. Oh well.

bhavinsw said

Sad to know that it didn’t work for you. Luckily I worked for me. You should check from where I got that code. They do have some other offers as well. Hope it will work for you.

Thanks for your confirmation.

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