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Chef8489 said

Good dvd's on tea.

I am looking for good dvd’s on tea. Both history and preparing.

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IdentiTEA said

“The Meaning of Tea” and “All in This Tea” are good ones.

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Chef8489 said

I have seen all in this te, but not had a chance to watch the meaning of tea.

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All in This Tea is great documentary…if you have Netflix it’s available for streaming.

Thanks for the suggestion. Watching it now. It is very interesting.

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MaddHatter said

I’m at a friends house we’re watching “All in this Tea” and sipping tea. Mmmm

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kOmpir said

“The meaning of tea”, it has nice extras too (tea contrarian, James Norwood Pratt, bloopers…). Although it’s focused on tea tradition around the world I still recommend it.

Will said

Just curious – in what way is James Norwood Pratt a contrarian?

kOmpir said

No, on contrary (lol) he’s a tea sommelier with aristocratic manners (you got to love his accent). Tea contrarian is some other guy that compares tea to something wimpy and melancholic and coffee to something manly and with character.

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I am always on the lookout for good Tea DVDs so with that thought in mind I will share my opinions of some tea dvds that I have seen and hope others will do the same:

I enjoyed watching Tea Culture. It was good dvd that covered the basics of tea in China and was fairly well fact based and if memory served had some great pictures too.

I also saw Taiwan- The Culture of Tea which was interesting but nothing special in terms of content. It was more like a Rick Steve’s type of video (kind of hammy) if you are familiar with his videos for European siteseeing.

Modern Marvels also did a nice video about tea that can be found on youtube with some searching and is also available to purchase. It focuses on the Charleston Tea Plantation and its mechanical processing but also discusses the history of tea as you would expect from the History Channel.

For people who are wanting to see some of the videos mentioned in this thread and save a few bucks, I would suggest considering renting them from Amazon’s Instant Video where you can get a number of these for a couple of bucks each to watch.

I am also currently watching a series of 6 Chinese Tea DVDs that is in Chinese with English subtitles. So far, it can be a little challenging to follow but the images in the videos more than make up for it to me.

I also have heard good things about Renaissance of Tea from Teance but I have not been able to locate a copy.

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