Nomes said

bags in!

Hi everyone im new and this is my first post. Im a coffee in the morning then green tea and black tea throughout the day and a cup of celestial seasonings sleepytime before bed or in a warm bath. Im a bag in girl ! Is this good or not i just love a really strong brew. Anyone else with me here?

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Welcome to Steepster, Nomes!

Cofftea said

Drink what you like and like what you drink!:) Do you just drink prepackaged tea bags or do you fill your own w/ loose tea?

denisend said

By bag in, do you mean that you leave the bag in while you drink the tea? I find that that makes a bitter brew – I’d rather add more leaves (or another bag if I’m drinking bags; I do bags at work and loose at home).

Anyway, welcome to steepster!

Cofftea said

I leave them (prepackaged bags) in on the rare occasion that I get them (only when I go out to eat) because I’m too busy talking and eating and I forget about them:) I just keep pouring more water over them.

Are you saying “bag in” as a shortening of “bagging”, as opposed to loose leaf?
I’d say you can get a much stronger flavor from loose, because there you’re more likely to get whole leaf, and more actual steep time.

If you like a strong brew, forget the other two – drink oolong. I found my footing in the world of tea on over-steeped oolong, and in my opinion it can handle the steeping overload the best. Seriously, if you can keep it warm, steeping a Ti Kwan Yin for an hour produces an amazing flavor… and it’ll make you cringe.

Cofftea said

It’s the keeping it hot that’s the hard part. An hr for a 1st infusion? How much do you increase additional infusions by?

Angrboda said

An hour??? That’s not steeping, that’s stewing! O.o …do you suppose it’d work with my Nepal Top?

I used one of those double- walled tumbler things, like a thermos but plastic or glass, that are used to keep drinks hot and can be taken on-the-go. I discovered the hour-steep because I was on my way to school, and I didn’t have time to steep the tea before leaving the house, so I just put the leaves in the cup. The container actually kept the temperature so well, it was an hour before I could handle a sip.
So, there I sat in French Class, staring amazed at my tea…
The initial kick is really intense, but the flavor after that…man, I really got to notice the nuance to oolong that day.

Is the Nepal a light or dark oolong (or an oolong at all…)?
I’m not sure how well it would go over with a greener oolong, but for a dark it’s definitely worth trying.

Angrboda said

It is an oolong, and while it’s good otherwise, i’ve found it a bit lacking when it comes to aftertaste. I’ve tried making it a bit stronger than usual today for the same reason, and that wasn’t a success. It tasted oversteeped to me (in a bad way) even though it wasn’t. I’d just used more leaves. So I think I’ve pretty much answered my own question.

the stash English breakfast i tend to leave in for a long time, but i drink it pretty fast so it doesn’t get much time to over brew and its always in a travel mug so the bag stays in place as the tea gos down :) i plan to go out today and get some of celestial seasonings holiday bagged teas so we’ll see what i drink those out of :)

Teaspoon said

Welcome Nomes! Im new as well and just starting to brew loose instead of bagged.I have alot of bagged tea to drink up or give away now.Ive heard conflicting stories on brewing times for bagged, ive tried the 30 second brew lately, seems to make a better cuppa.

rabbysmom said

Hey, welcome! I love bagged tea as well. Been taking turns at night b/w Sleepytime and Madagascar Vanilla Red also by CS. Have you tried the Vanilla Sleepytime yet?

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