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Kasia said

New DavidsTea in town, never tried it, don't know where to start!

We just recently had a Davids Tea open in our mall and everyone is talking about how good it is, so if possible I would like to grab some idea’s on what people are drinking!

I don’t enjoy peppermint tea, and nothing with nuts because my boyfriend is allergic.


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Uniquity said

You might have trouble on the nuts front. “My” David’s Tea uses the same 3 or 4 scoops for all their teas, so all teas have potential nut contamination. Definitely talk to the staff!

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Wayne said

From the DAVIDsTEA website FAQ (http://www.davidstea.com/faq ):

Which of your teas contain nuts?
There is always a risk of cross-contamination from the factory where the item was produced. If you have a nut allergy we don’t recommend that you drink our teas.

Now with that being said.. if your boyfriend is not going to drink the teas himself, it may be fine for you to partake.. in which case I would personally recommend to go down and talk to the staff and get their advice. Smelling the teas should help, as one of their philosophies is supposed to be teas that taste as good as they smell. If you like black tea try one of their straight or flavoured black teas, but if you like herbal than they have lots to choose from.

Love your avatar! :)

Wayne said

Thanks, she’s just 8 weeks old tomorrow .. and see that face? She did a lot of that yesterday.. ughh :P

She’s still beautiful, even when she’s grumpy. Congratulations!

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My favorite of all time from DAVIDsTEA is :

1. Buttered Rhum
2. Long Life Oolong
3. Coco Chai Rooibos
4. Fantasy Island
5. Read My Lips (but it’s choco-mint)

Try theses one at first, especially Buttered Rhum. :)

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Uniquity said

Oh yeah, I forgot to actually suggest things. I’m a big mint fan, so we might disagree, but I suggest:
-Oh Canada
-Lime Bang
-Goji Pop
-Zing Me (It’s being discontinued, but some stores still have stock).

Smell everything! : )

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De said

Have a poke at their website, and they totally don’t mind if you go in with a list of stuff you want to sniff.

My favourites (that don’t involve mint) are the Countess of Seville, The Earl’s Garden, Long Life Oolong, Vanilla Oolong, Chocolate Chili Chai . . . I was trying to come up with more, but most of my favs have either mint or nuts in some combination >.>

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i love their :

Countess of SEvillle [ green tea version of an earl grey]
Mother’s Little Helper [amazing chammomile for BEdtime…peppermint included!]
Roiboos De Provence
Organic Raspberry Nectar
Citron Oollong

Feel free to look through my cupboard and reviews….any other help with DT just send me a message ;) i luuuuuv DAVIDsTEA!

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Dear tea friends… Why not reach out to the higher quality tea rooms in your area? In Ottawa for example, there are several tea shops whose owners travel to Asia and tea farms directly, sourcing from farmers of high quality, rather than… Excuse me.. But these mass merchants whose shops are staffed with very few who have much deep knowledge of tea… For example, I was ‘assaulted’ by a serving of ‘matcha’ at a Davids Tea location… Shockingly bad, bitter, overly hot etc etc etc… I hear from one of their staff that they actually put their matcha whisks in the dishwasher… Oh dear…..

Jillian said

And of course we should believe you because you’re not biased at all. ;)

If you enjoy having a Mono culture for Tea keep supporting chains like Davids and Teavana. Pretty soon they will be as ubiquitous as Star Bucks.

Jillian said

Whether or not I support tea company chains has nothing to do with the fact that rudeness, backstabbing, and undermining aren’t appreciated on this forum.

SimplyJenW said

I think places like Teavana and David’s are necessary for those whose lives are not deeply embedded in tea culture. They are great for exposure, and will likely bring customers to the tea rooms and merchants who source from better places. I for one never would have considered walking into a tea room until I had some exposure. It is a process. Please don’t critisize the process or you will loose customers. We all tend to do better when we know better, and for some the chain stores are enough.

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Those who know do not speak, those who speak, do not know.

SimplyJenW said

Yes, and we all need the opportuinty to learn somewhere. As well as courtesy for the time it takes to get there.

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Here’s another issue – lots of towns don’t have a “higher” quality place to get tea. And before suggesting I live someplace rural, I’m in the Washington DC Metro area. So yes there are some places to get the tea shop experience, and some places for “higher” quality tea…but honestly I would rather support independent shops. I despise going into my local Teavana store. The tea there is more stale than it is online, but I’ll go there to smell a tea or try a tea before committing to a larger purchase. Why do I despise going into my local Teavana? Because the sales people are rude, overly pushy and they’ll lie to get a sale.

SimplyJenW said

I agree. I live in a semi-metro area. I think if there are places that are local to you, it is sometimes hard to find them for those new to tea. And I generally don’t go anywhere without a recommendation. In my area (greater Cleveland area) there might be a few tea houses, and a few vendors that sell at the farmer’s market. We do have Teavana, but I have not been there because of less than stellar reviews. Most of my tea journey and purchasing has been with online companies. But I do know several tea drinkers whose first exposure to tea was Teavana as they are very accessible.

Also, I tend to move on from companies who feel that they have to point out the failures of their competition to gain a sale. In my opinion, your product and service should speak for itself.

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