Have you made your own matcha?

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seule771 said

No, I have not nor do I want to. I just purchased the other day some Matcha Tea Powder from an international grocery market and it is lovely, creamy and smooth. I did this purchase since the pricing was so inexpensive as opposed to this KalieMatcha that I won but I may have to pay the sum e$49.95. Anyhow, prior to opening and submitting to reviewing it, I wanted to reacquaint myself with Matcha and make my way to sampling this tin of finely grown pure Matcha.

I am not sure if they will charge for how long I take to getting to reviewing it. So may teas with no time at all since I am always busy with things.

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tperez said

I saw this and tried it out with some cheap sencha in my coffee grinder, and it turned out pretty well IMO (I’ve never had real matcha before though) :)

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