Australian Tea Drinkers

Hi tea lovers

Just wondering if there are many Australian tea drinkers on here?

Corinne & Amara
The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

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ashmanra said

Sandy is in Australia until October 2011. She is staying in Mt. Isa but travels a bit.

Hope she gets down to Bondi beach. We are there every Saturday from 9am-1pm serving tea.

I’m an American who has never even been to Australia, but I have a soft spot for your country – for being our allies, especially in times when it’s not popular to be our friends. I wish I could visit someday.

Plus, I LOVE koalas! :)


We hope to see you ’downunder" soon and share a cuppa with you.


tina said

Im from Australia! I dont think there are too many people from Australia on here because none of the teas you can get here ever seem to be already on here.

Hi Tina, we’ll have to encourage lots more Aussie tea drinkers onto Steepster! We’re at the Bondi Farmers Markets each Saturday from 9-1pm if you’re ever in the area and want a great cuppa (instead of a crappy teabag in a cup!!).

tina said

Im not often in the vicinity of bondi farmers markets as i dont live in sydney, but i imagine ill be ordering some off your website in the near future. They all look delicious.

Thanks Tina. Would love to get some of our tea into your cup soon. Hope to hear from you online (check out our Subscribe for Tea section – like a magazine subscription only better!!). Also, in case it’s of interest, we are on Facebook too: www.facebook/RabbitHoleTea. Cheers, Corinne.

tina said

I ordered a batch online last night! very excited.

Fantastic, it’s on the way. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on our teas soon.

Another Aussie starting out on Steepster. Will be great to get a few more Australian (or Australian-shipping) tea company’s on here. I’ll be doing my bit to add a few!
(Happy Australia Day for yesterday dear countrymen/women, I for one need a few cups of tea to recover).

alice said


Most of the people I am following on Steepster are Australians. There is a pretty small community here which is surprising given how much tea we drink.

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