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Cofftea said

Samovar's "Tea Phone"

What do you think of this?


I kinda feel like they’re including the word tea in the name of the product just to sell a product and make a buck and it’s pretty tacky.

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Eesh! It’s not even that cool looking…is it a joke or something? who would use a handset attached to a cell phone nowadays?! ;)

Cofftea said

Ok if we’re just talking practicality of the product, I will say some phones are rather awkward to hold. I know with my tiny hands, an Iphone would be virtually impossible. It’s funny that Samovar is supposed to be such a swanky place w/ high quality teas ($79/oz matcha?) only to come out w/ this. Kinda shoots their image in the teacup for me.

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Dorothy said

I don’t understand the product at all. It’s just beyond weird for a tea company to sell something like that.

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kuanyin said

Is it weird to call it a “Tea Phone” ? Yes. Is it tacky? I dunno. I guess I also have reservations about a tea place selling something so NOT tea oriented. But then, they have a website and a product, why can’t they sell it? I think I’m leaning towards the tacky, though.

As a product, my first thought was it was great! (And my guess is those that don’t understand it, didn’t grow up with the old clunky headset that fit so well on your shoulder and freed your hands.) I tend to get frustrated with having to hold the darn cell phone for long. (And yet, I hated the little bluetooth that came with my phone). My second thought, though, is that it would be ridiculous to carry that stupid thing around, plus it seems overpriced.

Cofftea said

Yeah. As a person with extremely small hands, sometimes handling the bigger smart phones is awkward so this really isn’t about the product itself, but Samovar’s choice to sell it… and then “make it ok” by slapping the word “tea” on it.

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