Teaspoon said

Tea Decor Anyone?

Ran across some DIY tea decor projects using old teaware that I thought were simply charming. Has anyone done anything like these?



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PeteG said

Neet ideas! I am redoing a room for meditation and tea…this has inspired me.

Angrboda said

Is that a tealight holder in the first one? That’s so sweet!

Teaspoon said

Not sure..it might be they made it electric and used a small clear flame shaped lightbulb..wouldnt be hard to make,especially with a dremel cutting bit, and you could get all the electrical components at the DIY store.(I made a hanging lamp out of a basket that way).Either way, candle or electric its adorable :)

Cofftea said
Janefan said

One easy thing I did recently was turn a teapot, which had some hairline cracks but was otherwise sound, into a planter for an orchid. It now sits on the ledge of my bathtub. I just couldn’t bear to throw a teapot away! I’m not very creative or crafty, so this was all I could think of to do with it. I have seen some interesting mosaic projects online to do with broken tea pots/cups however.

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