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ECO Tea? what do you think?

i was just curious, since i have joined the infamous bandwagon of loose leaf teas….is loose leaf tea compostable? Would you say there is a better environmental factor having loose leaf than tea bags??? Chat it up, i’d like to know!!!! ~My specialTEA :)

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Uniquity said

I compost loose leaf and teabags….at least, the paper teabags. I’ve always assumed it’s all compostable, and now I really hope it is!

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I compost the tea, but because I use small amounts of compost, I don’t compost the teabags. The paper teabags are compostable if you are making larger batches of compost. I love that loose leaf tea is so easy to compost. Personally, it makes me feel better to know that what I enjoy is making the soil where my veggies grow even richer.

My husband uses the Senseo coffee maker and I can compost the used coffee pods in their entirety if needed, but because the batches are so small (for a personal garden), the pod bags tend to pile up. I just rip them open and dump the coffee grounds into my compost once it has cooled down.

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I compost both my personal tea leaves, larger quantities that I prepare for tastings and classes and all of my husbands coffee grounds. They are all great for a compost pile. I make sure that the bags I use are non-bleached and it actually says compostable on the box.

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we don’t compost at my house, the fruit flies became overwhelming when we did —to the point where if you open the lid of the small bin in our kitchen, you would be inhaling them and then they would fill up the entire room for hours! If anyone has any suggestions on how to curtail that, I’m all ears!
I’d love to compost, in general… but especially my tea :)

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Cofftea said

Tea = plant so of course it’s compostable! While there are some biodegradable tea bags, there may be some non compostable components like staples so yes, hands down loose leaf is more “green” (i.e. environmentally friendly) than bagged tea. Is that really not extremely obvious?

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Jillian said

It’s totally compostable! I compost all my used tea (and rooibos and honeybush) leaves in a bucket with a bit of dirt every spring and it makes great fertilizer for the garden.

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