Jenn said

Where can I buy some of those handy-dandy tea sample pouches?

I’m putting together a tea swap sample package and I’m currently using tiny clear ziplock baggies. I worry that the seal isn’t great on these baggies and I want to preserve the freshness of the tea I’m sending. Also, these tiny plastic baggies make me look like a drug dealer. Please help me look less like a drug dealer.

Thank you!

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Cofftea said

There are several threads already existing on this subject with wonderful ideas. Do a discussion search for words like “bags”, “containers”, “shipping”, “mailing”, “swaps”, “samples”, “packaging”, etc. Please find the info you’re looking for/add to the discussion in those threads and delete this one to eliminate duplication.

Jenn said

I’ll be far more careful about the questions I ask going forward.

I don’t think it’s that big a deal, Jenn. It happens on every forum that similar questions are asked and answered multiple times. I think it’s better to ask again than to feel too intimidated to do so. :)

Jenn said

LiberTEAS, I really appriciate your kindness and helpful information.

Jenn said

Now, that’s not cool because nobody shats upon my Taryn! Grrrrrr….

@Taryn: ah… you’ve noticed that too?

@LiberTEAS and Taryn: Me three.

How many bags do you need? I have found some on ebay, but I have also purchased them from JK Teashop: (although, because they ship from China, depending upon where you are, it may take a while to receive them. I will say, though, that they are quite prompt with getting the order on its way so that it can arrive as quickly as the postal system will allow!)

Jenn said

Thank you so much for your help! I’m going to look into buying some pouches from JK Teashop.

Thank you again for your help :)

Oh… they also have great teas!

Jenn said

Now you’ve done it! If I’m ordering bags anyway…

Yep… I’ve used that justification before (more than once). hahaha!

I’ve recently found (and purchased) these. :) It’s from UniquePacking’s store on eBay. Alas, they do not carry any teas to accompany them. :(

Jenn said

QuiltGuppy, oh thank you! I’m going to place my order this afternoon but I’ll check the eBay store out first. It’s probably safer that they don’t sell tea :)

Will said
Jenn said

Will, thank you so much for the information! I went ahead and ordered fro the eBay shop because they could send the pouches to me Priority Mail. I’m going to check out your link for future reference though :)

Thank you again!

Jenn said

Wifey_Woman (Little Mew Brew), you weren’t kidding! The prices are great and they offer a few different colors. I do love to color coding…

Check on the colors. When I ordered mine recently I only got clear front with silver backing.

I’m waiting for the day when the druggies learn from us tea addicts and start using these as well.

Jenn said

Ha! I’d like to think that there is a high-end dealer out there who would take such pride in their product. I can’t help but think that I’d run my nefarious operation like my Etsy shop with complimentary gift wrapping and coupon codes. I’d never make a profit…

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