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Palate Cleanser Suggestion Please

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to reach out to my tea friends here for some suggestions on a palate cleanser. I am planning on a tea tasting with friends and family soon, as I have created some new custom blends for my little tea shop www.iHeartTeas.com I don’t plan on posting any up for sale just yet. First I would like get some people to try them, hence the tea tasting. I plan on making it a blind tasting with note cards for my subjects to jot down their thoughts. I will be having people with a wide range of tea experience sampling them for a more diverse review of my blends. Unfortunately, the one place I was stuck is the palate cleanser. I was hoping for something light and easy but I am flexible. Thanks for your help in advance!

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Angrboda said

I went to a talk about tea once and there was a tasting as well. We just got some ordinary water to sip in between and to rinse our cups with between teas.
My boyfriend told me that when he has been to whisky tastings they eat light white bread in between different whiskys. I reckon the bread and water combination should work for tea as well.

Cofftea said

boyfried? That typo gave me the chuckle I desperately needed today- thank you!:)

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Cofftea said

I was going to suggest crackers- but maybe that’s just because I don’t care for bread with nothing on it. I’d say either of those would work wonderfully. You could also maybe get a flavorless mouthwash.

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Thanks you guys for your suggestions.

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Glory said

From the tea tastings I have been to we have just used plain old filtered water. Does anyone think that possibly crackers or bread could have a slight effect on the taste of the tea? Maybe its just from the big gaps between the teeth in my maw that capture large amounts of bread/crackers/popcorn etc

I only use water, the same filtered water I use to infuse my teas. I agree with you and think that bread products are not such a good idea as a palate cleanser when tea taste testing. It works great for whiskey/scotch tastings, however tea is fair more subtle, therefore more likely to be effected by anything else in our mouth. Also many crackers contain at least salt which will very much effect our palate when it comes to teas delicate flavors.

Who would have thought it could have been as easy and simple as water. Nice!

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