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Tea Etiquette

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teatiemz said

I think that the nice thing about tea culture today is that you can find just about anything you’re looking for- if you want to find a place with an expensive tea service you can indulge yourself, but if you’re looking for a low-key tea room you can find that too. There’s definitely always going to be snobs (when it comes to anything, really) but I’d like to think that paying attention to brewing time, water temperature, etc., isn’t necessarily snobby- it’s just one kind of enjoying tea. Snobbery, I imagine, would be more like judging how other people drink tea- whether their pinkies are up, how they’re pouring the tea, etc- and while I’m sure that there are tea drinkers like that out there, I think that tea culture today is much more inclusive of a wide variety of drinking styles and practices :)

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Lala said

I found this thread was funny to read through. I pulled it up because I came into work this morning and a co worker said to me I took one of your teabags (I previously told her she could come and get my tea to drink as she needed to). Then she said, I didn’t use it so you can have it back. She had already opened up the individually wrapped tea bag and had it placed in her cup (without water). It had been sitting like that for more than 4 days over the weekend. She did not drink it after all. So she grapped the tea bag, stuffed it back into the wrapper and tried to give it back to me. I told her to keep it til next time. But then she came into my office and put the opened package back into the box of tea. Hmmm. I don’t know if I’m overreacting but it is really bugging me. I am going to throw it away when she isn’t looking. I am not upset that she didnt use it, but I don’t really want a kind of used tea bag back to drink for myself.

Tealizzy said

I can’t believe she did that, even after you told her to keep it! I would be bothered by that too.

Lala said

It wouldn’t have been so bad if this didnt happen after I looked at the pics of the tea with maggots in it. Gag. I’ll just have to start hiding my tea from now on. Ha ha :P

Yeesh. That’d bug me too. It’d be like giving someone back a bag of chips you’ve opened a few days ago and didn’t eat. Lol. Personally I wouldn’t worry about waiting to toss it when she’s not looking. If she sees you doing it and decides to bring it up, just tell her you’re not comfortable using a tea bag that was opened and left sitting out for days, even if it was unused. She should’ve just kept it and maybe used it herself later.

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Huey Tan said

In my mother in law’s house, she love hers served the English way… Cookies, clotted cream too sometimes. Her house even have a “morning room” dedicated for her tea set and all that.
Tea is a more “expensive” past time the old European way.

I grew up with tea in my baby bottle…
Daily drink is tea “never wasted” in that big metal tea kettle..
Remember the kungfu movies where master martial artist drink wine from gourds?
As kids playing kungfu fighting I have a fond memory of my brother lifting that heavy kettle (out weighed the wine gourd BTW) and drinking right from the spout… Lips not touching spout of course which is the feat.

Tea for me is best enjoyed with great memories…
That is my sole spiritual tea etiquette and motto.

Warms the heart and cool the thoughts with a plenty of smiles.

Serenity said

Tea in baby bottle!! Yes, me too. It was called a Tea Baba. What! I know! It was weak tea also called Cambric tea.

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Serenity said

When I think of etiquette what comes to mind at the heart of the definition is compassion. When people have compassion for others, respect is there as well. So, we can see each other as sisters and brothers. What better way to connect than over tea, whether it is in your fanciest tea pot, or a mug, cha, chai; all the world over. Sharing a moment together.

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