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Create Your Own Tea Blend - FREE for the first 100!

Ovation Teas offers the unique opportunity to create your own custom blend tea. Choose your tea base and add up to six herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, nuts, and flavorings.

The first 100 Steepster members to use the Discount Code: “CreateFree” will receive a free bag of custom blended tea! Offer excludes sales tax and shipping.


57 Replies

Am I the first to take advantage of this generous offer? Can’t wait to see how my blend turns out!

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You are the first! Your blend sounds delicious :)

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Nice! I look forward to trying my blend too.

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WOW what an offer!!!! Thank you! I can’t wait to try out my blend!

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Cole said

Just gave this a shot — been meaning to give green mate a try for a while now, and I liked the blend idea. Will report back on how my mix turns out!

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Angrboda said

Shipping to Europe, yes/no? If yes, at approximately which price?

I’m sorry, we are unable to ship to Europe right now, but we do hope to add international shipping in the future.

Angrboda said

Oh well. (Don’t worry, I’m used to it. I just wish people would specify this…)

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll be sure to mention it next time.

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I would love the opportunity but do not have a Facebook account. Enjoy, everyone else.

Hi Rachel, there’s no need for a FB account for Steepster members – the code is listed above in the post :) Just enter “CreateFree” without the quotes in the discount box on the My Cart page! We can’t wait to create a blend for you :)

Great thanks! That’s what I get for not reading. I saw the Tweet first and just assumed that was the only way. Thanks for clearing it up. Still much to early here for me to function properly. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. :)

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Out of curiosity how much tea do you get? I absolutely appreciate the offer but am wanting be sure I want to pay $6.99 for shipping. Thank you!

Hi Rachel, the weights are listed on the page based on the tea base that you select.

Thanks, I have placed my order plus a little something extra. You have some very interesting and curious blends. My curiosity has been peaked. :)

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Kristin said

I couldn’t help but order this. Thanks. One suggestion that would help me order more from you would be to have USPS option for shipping as it is usually cheaper (and often quicker).

Here’s my blend.

Apple Pie Honeybush:

Marigold Petals
Cinnamon Chips
Brown Sugar

Thank you for the feedback, Kristin. It’s very helpful to hear what our customers are looking for. We use both UPS and USPS, which is why we just refer to our shipping as “ground” service. Depending upon the customer’s location and the package size and weight, we choose the optimal service. Being a small company, we don’t get the heavily discounted rates that a large company receives. But, rest assured, as our costs go down, we’ll definitely be passing the savings along to our customers.

We hope you enjoy your tea!

Cofftea said

This one gave me a really great idea- too bad I didn’t make the cut.

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I agree with the USPS idea as well… Here is my blend…
Name: Mad Scientist Blend
Tea Base:
Black Tea
Licorice Root
Rose Petals
Cacao Nibs

Kristin said

Whoa, mad scentist indeed. You are much braver than I!

LOL I thought what the heck it’s all in fun and if I didn’t try I would never really know. :)

Cofftea said

Caramel and rose? Interesting

Should be interesting, I admit it isn’t a “safe” blend at all. :)

I will have a full review of this soon but I will say I named it appropriately. It is wild and crazy. I have already started cold brewing it and will have results tomorrow night. For now I suggest no one else make my blend. It needs some tweaking, but I have high hopes. The flavors themselves if evaluated individually taste great.

Also, might I recommend to you that you wait for three weeks? Something that I learned early on in my blending days is that a tea blended/flavored today will not taste the same three weeks from today. More often than not, I’ve found this to be true. I began to realize this (I guess I should say, I began to realize this again, because I used to wait three weeks before I sold teas that I’ve newly flavored because I insisted on testing them before I sold them, and I couldn’t test them until the three weeks had past. But… I’m rambling)… anyway, I began to realize this again with Frank’s teas. I found that if I tried a new blend just as soon as I got it, it didn’t taste as good as if I would wait for three weeks to allow the tea to mingle and the flavors to mature. It was especially noticeable with my tomato, basil and black pepper tea.

This is why I haven’t yet tried my blend… I’m waiting for the flavors to do their thing. :)

Thanks and logically that does make sense. I will of course try it again in 3 weeks. However, in the specific case of this tea there is a possibility they may never get along peacefully. That is ok, I had expected it to be out of this world and it didn’t disappointment. When I make serious blends I will take your recommendations very seriously. :)

Cofftea said

It would be great if Ovation Teas would print this on their packaging or, better yet, state “Ships in 3 weeks to allow the flavors to fully blend.” on the website.

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