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pu-erh of the month club. We need one.

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Cinnabar said

My company (www.phoenix-teashop.com) might be interested in setting something like this up. We’ve been exploring the idea of a monthly tea club anyway. I think that there would need to be at least ten people willing to sign up for it in order for it to be viable, but it could be a great way to experience a wide range of pu’er.

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Chef8489 said

I am totally in for this. I would rather have full size tou or bricks but right now I am happy with whatever puerh I can get.

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teaINfuse said

I would love to be involved just let me know

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Chef8489 said

Just wondering what the status is.

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Alana237 said

I would love to participate if you were offering international shipping.

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I’m another who would be interested.

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So I have an idea (not usually a good thing btw) since people seem to be interested but as of yet no one has a way to make this happen. Now this isn’t a perfect solution, but it would be kinda fun and help all of us to explore the world of pu erh a bit more.

The idea I’m about to propose is still in the preliminarily stages, and if with move forward I have to do a bit more feasibility but I think it should work. But how about a kind of pu erh co-op? I’d be willing, for awhile at least, to coordinate it. But basically everyone chips in a certain amount, I use that money to buy a couple of cakes and then break them apart into 30-35ish gram sections repackage them and them ship them out to everyone.

So the theoretical details.

Pu erh Co-op
10 people chip in about 15 dollars USD each, international members maybe a couple dollars more for shipping, will look into it if anyone is interested.
I take the 150 USD and spend a little over a hundred of it on a couple nice beengs, now these wont be cheap crap off ebay or 20 cakes from some mass produce farm either, but quality cakes. An example of what I might buy is here.


As you can see combined total with shipping is about 115USD. Then I take the rest of the funds and pay for packaging, sturdy boxes and food grade, non-transparent resealable bags and ship the packages to you. I take my tea seriously and will handle it like its my private stash.

What you can expect, a minimum of 60 grams of tea per month, with the example above both beengs are a bit larger so you would get somewhere in the 90 gram range.

Most all of the cakes will be sheng on the occasional month that I include a shou, as they are cheaper, I will take the extra funds and put them toward the sheng that it is paired with that month.

The skinny.
You give the co-op 15USD per month.
You receive 60-90 grams pu erh from two different beengs per month.
I get to do a lot of work and get some free or cheap tea in the process.
All of us get to try a wide range of pu erhs in a short time for cheaper. (i.e. in the example about you get 45 grams of each for 15USD, if you were to buy a 25 gram sample of each from yunnan sourcing it would cost you 25USD)

Again this is a rough outline, if there is interest I’ll look into it a bit more to make sure my math is right. Also if anyone has a line on the cheapest way to ship small packages let me know.

Anyone interested, have any other ideas or refinements to mine, again this is a co-op so I’m not making money so it really belongs to all of us I would simply coordinate it, that also means you get what drink what you want, if you have a certain sheng that you’ve been wanting to try let me know and if at all feasible I will include it. What’da ya’ll think?


Sounds possible to me. I’d certainly take part!

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Chef8489 said

That sounds good . It would allow me to try different pu and get an idea of what to buy if I like a certain one.

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Glory said

Count me in 100% if this goes forward.

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