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What do you think of the Steepster Select Tea of the Month Club?

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I signed up and am really looking forward to trying the teas. I really like the theme idea.

Traci said

I too like the theme idea. I think it’s more innovative than “here’s some random teas thrown in a box enjoy!”

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SimplyJenW said

It is a little more than I wanted to spend, but I am trying it out anyway. I figure it will be a great education. I am glad to hear it is mostly of the camellia sinensis type.

Traci said

Agreed about the price. I was hoping for a few dollars cheaper. I’m trying it out for a month and then I’ll decide where I want to go from there.

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Javan said

I was excited to get an email today showing the packages ready to be shipped. I’m really looking forward to expanding my tea horizons as they continue to arrive monthly.

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kuanyin said

I’m getting more and more selective about tea is the main reason I will decline. And, for the price, I could try a larger amount of a tea that I know from the description is very likely to please me. I ended up pretty iffy on the Golden Moon tea of the month club, but at least that was generally about 4 ounces of tea.

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spearmint said

I think that the Steepster guys deserve a huge amount of gratitude and many many thank yous for the way that food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances are being handled with this venture. As a multiple allergy sufferer it was a rare sight to see an email asking me if the first box was OK, clarifying my allergies, updating me on the procedure with allergens and possible contaminants. Also asking if I wanted to cancel if this was not satisfactory. The amount of concern and care being taken with this topic is refreshing, and so very appreciated.

Jason admin said

We’re just glad we haven’t killed anyone yet :D (fingers crossed)

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I’d love to hear an update on this! I’m definitely interested in joining, but would love to know a little more about what I’d be receiving. What size are each of the 3 pouches sent? What are some of the teas that have so far been included? I saw discussion of potentially including small samples as well. Is that happening?

Thanks for any input!

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Jason admin said

Here are links to the discussions where people can specifically talk about the box from that month. Also in each are links to the teas that were included, so you can check out the tasting notes.


Each box comes with 2-3oz to tea (total). Each pouch is usually 1oz but varies depending on the size/price of the tea.

Depending on how things keep growing, we may start offering smaller amounts of a greater number of teas because we finding that we’ll be getting close to the limit of what many companies can supply on shorter notice.

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seule771 said

I have viewed the monthly Steepster Select pack and it is great all in itself; pricing if I recall is $19.00 each month but I have no income. What I try to snag from hubby folks (police, collectors and the likes) frown upon as if I am stealing his money. I am Robin Hood stealing hubby’s dough to give to tea folks with much more than either of us will ever have. I think I mean to Tea Trade folks since they sound inherently wealthy.

So what am I saying? Were I employed I could see spending this amount for monthly teas while I continue with my tea education of sort. I would think of it kind of like having a yearly magazine subscription…for 1 year one could have a fee charge of $19.95+tax and shipping/handling.

I do go on and on; hope I have answered/clarify the why not aspect of this question. Thank you.

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