Having a love affair with Flavored Oolong teas

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MaddHatter said

I have 10g of “citron” and “vanilla” from DAVIDs sitting in my cupboard waiting for me to taste, but I just have not found the time yet.

As flavoured oolongs go I have only tried what DAVIDs has, but there are a few Murchie’s carries that I will be trying… eventually. My favourite that is rather unadulterated by flavour is the “osanthmus” that I purchased at Janet’s Special Teas in Sidney and Oh… My… GOD! it was so good, the leaves are rolled into tight little balls and inside the balls are osanthmus leaves which slowly float to the surface as you re-steep and re-steep this tea, I have only gotten three steeps before this one turned bitter and icky.

The “grape” oolong sounds delish, along with the “yuzu berry” … Mmmmmmm! flavoured oolongs are a fun departure from a traditional oolong, though I have yet to find one that is more complimentary rather than overly fruity.

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seule771 said

Thank you for making me aware of www.tealiciousllc.com . I may give in and try some of their tea samples for Oolong. The only experience I have with flavored Oolong is this apple flavored one I obtained from a tea shop. I really could not discern the flavoring at all. I must admit I am battling with tea bags as opposed to loose leaf teas.

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LauraR said

Naivetea has some good ones.

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I agree and highly recommend Naivetea. Also good are Butiki Teas Flavored Oolongs. I just finished a cup of their Strawberry Oolong and it is fantastic.

Edited to add a link to Butiki Teas: http://butikiteas.com/

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LauraR- thanks for the recommendations on Naivetea – will have to check that out!

I like the pineapple ool,ong from Lupicia and the Blue Peack and Orchid Oolong from the Mighty Leaf. Both floral, tropical notes.

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chaijeeyah said

I am also in love with Oolongs and right now I’m awaiting a package of Oolong samples. A sip of Oolong immediately puts a smile on my face. :)

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